London Man Screams at Journalists “Blood Is on the Hands of People Like You”, Leftists Laugh


Khalid Masood, a follower of ISIS.

Khalid Masood, aged 52, is the monster responsible for the horrific terror attack in London Wednesday. He was born in Kent and was also known by a number of aliases, police said in a statement. While not under investigation for terrorism, he has been in and out of jail for other offenses including assaults and weapons charges.

Masood, who was shot and killed by police, was an ISIS follower and, since the attack, eight more people have been picked up in connection with the attack. ISIS attracts sociopaths. It’s a group criminals and maniacs can join to feel good about themselves.

Tommy Robinson and Caolan Robertson of The Rebel were in London during the attack and went to the scene. As they were questioning people, Tommy talked about how the left allowed this kind of behavior to go on WITH the people gathering around, including journalists, who then started snickering and laughing within feet of the tragedy.

Robertson screamed at the journalists in particular that they are the people with “blood on their hands”.

Warning: There is some vulgar language at the end of the video after the crowd laughs at him.

The two journalists explain what happened and why they lost it.

As many as 29 were wounded Wednesday, seven are critically injured. Theresa May said today the victims include 3 French children, 2 Romanians, 4 South Korean, 1 Polish, 1 German, 1 Irish, 1 American.

Aysha Frade, mother of two young children

The deceased victims of yesterday’s attack are Aysha Frade, a 43-year old Spanish teacher, on her way to pick up her two children from school. The family said they have “completely fallen apart”.

Police officer Keith Palmer, age 48 years, died at the hands of the terrorist and his machete. Most outrageously, Officer Palmer was unarmed. The reason: “Our parliamentary protection team are a combination of armed and unarmed officers doing different roles, and sadly the officer who lost his life today was unarmed.”

No officer should be unarmed. They’re insane to do this.

Keith Palmer

Palmer was described as a “husband and a father.” “He was someone who left for work [Wednesday] expecting to return home at the end of his shift and he had every right to expect that would happen.” His colleagues remember him as a “brave man”.

Kurt Cochran, 54, seen with his wife in the photo above, was an engineer who also owned his own music studio in Utah and spoke of his passion for music. He was celebrating his 25th anniversary with his wife.

He is believed to have been killed while walking on Westminster Bridge as a car mowed down pedestrians.

Mr Cochran’s wife, Melissa, was also injured in the attack.


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