London Theologian Wants U.S. Christians to Give Up Guns


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Why shouldn’t Christians own guns? A London theologian wants US Christians to give up their guns so bad guys can’t get them.

The blaze has a story up about Trish Kandiah of The London School of Theology. He wrote an op-ed asking if Christians should own guns. Just because it’s a constitutional protection, it doesn’t mean we should own them, he said.

“The fact that the Constitution allows something does not automatically mean it would be appropriate for Christians to bear arms,” he wrote. “Grudem has argued against abortion and gay marriage, both of which are allowed in many states, but that, according to Grudem’s logic, is not sufficient reason for Christians to endorse them.”

We have terrorists and cartels coming across our border with an administration that could care less and he thinks the good guys should give up their guns.

The killings we see aren’t being committed in the name of Christ by God-fearing Christians except in the case of the occasional madman.

Trish (Trish is a he) said the tragic gun stories in the news haven’t been enough “for people to rethink their attachment to firearms” he went on to critique fellow theologian Wayne Grudem, who has been a “proponent of gun ownership.”

Grudem believes they are useful for self-protection, but Trish said, “That [this] could make gun violence more likely as attackers could increasingly assume their victims are armed not to mention that increased gun ownership means increased gun accidents.”

The opposite is in fact true.

Trish thinks that taking guns from lawful gun owners makes it harder for the mass murderers. Mass murder is a rare crime.

He said that there’s an argument for sporting and recreational gun ownership, but why don’t Christians give up their guns altogether, he asks.

I have a question, He’s in the UK, why doesn’t he butt out?

In this environment, where Christians are being persecuted, they need their guns for what is to come.

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