London’s Towering Inferno Made Deadlier by Green Energy “Silent Killers”


It is still unknown what sparked Grenfell fire in West London , but the reason for it becoming a towering inferno is not.

Trendy Green Energy is responsible. Cladding, which is material wrapped around the outside of a building to improve appearance and energy efficiency cause it to go up in flames. Firefighters call this type of green insulation “silent killers”.

The green and blue panels serving as attractive insulation were used during a £10million refurb only finished in May 2017.

It caused the building to go like a match, as one firefighter explained.

The composite foam sandwich panels helped spread the fire quickly from the lower floors all the way up the block, according to experts.

The waterproof zinc coating made it even harder for firefighters to douse the blaze.

Arnold Tarling, 55, of the Association of Specialist Fire Protection said: “They clad the concrete of this building with flammable insulation panels and rain screen cladding with a 30mm gap, which acted like a chimney.

“All the burning material falls down, starting more fires below, and the flames spread up and across searching for oxygen.

One eyewitness said he saw three young children banging on the window from one of the upper floors. Then there was an explosion and the children were gone.

The people who died, including children, now number 58 to 70. A total of 500 people lived in the building.

This should serve as a good example of sacrificing safety for green ideology. They haven’t learned though. The people are blaming the Tories for the fire caused by leftist ideology.

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