Long Island And The Illegal MTA Tax

Dean Skelos, Senate Majority Leader

After the unconstitutional MTA tax was forced on the 12 downstate districts, the MTA personnel gave themselves 11% raises.  The MTA payroll tax is a 1.4 billion dollar tax for what, the LIRR? It’s unconstitutional because it is not levied with our permission and it was not levied equitably. Schools have been exempted but every single employer, including your doctors and dentists, pay it and it is reflected in your bills. Now the State Senate will not go for a repeal this year.

“ALBANY — Repeal of the MTA payroll tax — a hot issue in Long Island Senate elections last fall — may have to wait until next year, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said Wednesday.

Skelos said it was possible to try to scrap the Metropolitan Transportation Authority tax in the next three months of the legislatures’ session. But that might give him less leverage over Assembly Democrats, who largely support the $1.4-billion tax, than he would have in 2012-13 budget negotiations.”

Read Newsday articles here: Skelos delays repeal of MTA tax &  MTA Payroll Tax

What can you do? Tell Dean Skelos how you feel: Dean Skelos contact information and/or contact your local State Senator State Senate contact info.


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