Long Island Is Doomed Thanks to Drugs



Long Island is saturated with drugs. The youth here are playing with drugs at an early age. Our local hospital is seeing more and more die each month. This past week, three children died. One was a 12-year old who decided to shoot himself up with heroine and overdosed.

A person I know was driving on a busy street when a young man darted in front of him as he drove along. He missed hitting him and saw in his rearview mirror that the young man was running in and out of traffic on a busy street. He pulled over and, with another person who stopped to help, he pulled the youth over to the side of the road, held him down, and waited for the police.

The youth was drugged out and stared a glassy empty stare. There was nothing there and he had no idea of what was going on. As they waited for help, a woman in an expensive black car pulled over and ran out screaming, “Is that my son? He left the hospital and he’s on drugs.” It wasn’t her son!

When help arrived, the police and EMTs looked disgusted. It happens all the time, they said.

Heroine and other drugs are being sold to, not only our youth, but to our adults.

People overall don’t seem to care much. What they care about is LGBT marriage and Sandra Fluke’s birth control. I don’t give a fig about LGBT marriage. People can marry lamp posts for all I care. I don’t care if Fluke’s social life is limited by her inability to buy contraceptives. What I care about is our lost generation and the constant flow of drugs to Long Island.

Hopefully the rest of the country isn’t in as bad a state but I’m not counting on it. We’re doomed and it’s in no small measure thanks to drugs.

I guess we will need drugs as our economy collapses, as we lose our good healthcare, and the government monitors every aspect of our lives – except our drug intake of course.