Long Island OWS Coming to a Bank Near You

North Country Peace Group

MoveOn.org has begun to organize on Long Island in what amounts to a far left Tea Party, complete with marches and placards.

For the past two weeks, a group of about 30 have met in front of the Port Jefferson Village eagle to show solidarity with the occupiers on Wall St. Most of the protesters are members of the North Country Peace Group, a group which stands on an East Setauket corner every Saturday, sometimes standing on flags, hanging flags upside down, and holding signs such as, “Got Socialism.” In the past, they’ve had signs which referred to our soldiers as murderers and they had a march for the dead that symbolized people we as Americans murdered abroad.

This new movement by Move On has a Facebook page called “Occupy Long Island,” they use twitter, and all the social media sites. There are numerous other LI OWS websites already set up to organize what they hope will be the beginnings of a continual negative bombardment of banking institutions to make Wall Street pay. Media coverage is what they seek.

Since most everyone is invested in the stock market via pensions, I have to ask myself what they are really after. Is it to damage Wall Street or is it something much larger?

One of the alarming things they talk about in their private group meetings is “packing the SCOTUS.” In other words, they want Obama to put more members on the Supreme Court via Executive Order. That certainly would make the SCOTUS a tool of the far left.

The “Make Wall Street Pay” mantra is a lure, a bit of an Alinsky style magnet and, once people, who are angry with Wall Street, become involved with Move On, the other far left issues will be incorporated.  Move On, which has been involved with the OWS since Day 1, is using peoples’ legitimate anger for something much more threatening.

The LI OWS are against bailouts, but only refer to the TARP, half of which was spent by Obama, which they fail to acknowledge. They complain about the bailouts, especially of car companies, but blame Bush, despite the fact that Obama nationalized the car companies. They do want to bail out homeowners who don’t pay their mortgages however. They do not have consistent principles.

The only candidate they can support for President is “poor” Obama (their words), persecuted by the “Republican obstructionists.” Truth is, that the Republicans have no power, and the Democrats were in complete control for two years. Obama is the biggest receiver of Wall Street donations than any President in 20 years.

Move On isn’t going after Goldman Sachs yet. Aside from the obvious Bernanke and Geithner connections, Goldman is among the top five contributors to Obama’s campaign. The very thing Move On claims to be fighting is the core of Obama’s fundraising and crony capitalist activities.

The OWS promote acts that add government agencies, as statists are wont to do, such as Franken’s Homeowner Advocate Act of 2011. It of course adds a new government agency with an ACORN-like structure. It will bring more transparency to banks, while our government has removed all transparency from union dealings. They are very selective about who needs to be transparent.

The LI OWS ideas for destroying banks include: withdrawing all money and join a credit union (I guess they didn’t notice Obama is after them too); march and chant in front of Bank of America and Chase with “informational” pamphlets; set up a foreclosure memorial in front of the banks; organize groups to move community and school accounts out of the big banks (ACORN already succeeded in closing accounts at Chase in Hempstead); and on November 17, MoveOn is partnering with SEIU, AFL-CIO, and other unions and community groups for a national day of action to demand Jobs Not Cuts.

The OWS are primarily Socialists and Marxists and they are here. Do you want to be part of the collective or do you want to be treated as an individual? Chant after me…I am free, I am an individual, and I will not be assimilated.

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