Long Island Serial Killer/s?


Newsday caught up with the story I posted last week. There are a number of prostitutes who have been murdered and whose bodies have been left by the side of LI roads. Police refuse to say if the other murders, going back 8 years, are connected to the Gilgo case.

Jessica Taylor, Murder Victim

“…Years earlier, between November 2000 and November 2003, four bodies were found within a few miles of each other in the Manorville woods. Authorities believe each died elsewhere. Their deaths were never linked. Among them was the dismembered body of a woman in a trash bag and two men. Those three are unidentified.
On July 26, 2003, the one Manorville victim to be identified was found. A woman walking her dog came across a butchered body left on a pile of branches. It was Taylor, 20. She had been living and working in Washington D.C., where she’d been reported missing days earlier. She was last seen in Manhattan, working, police said, as a prostitute.
Taylor might have remained anonymous had it not been for a Washington police officer. Poring over police bulletins of unidentified remains, he realized that a tattoo of wings and the words “Remy’s Angel” on her back fit the description of Taylor. He contacted Suffolk police.
The identification allowed investigators to connect a picture of Taylor with the headless body dumped in the woods. It was a huge break in the case.
“We have photos available of her,” Det. Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick, then commander of the Suffolk police homicide squad, said at the time. “So we’re hoping somebody will be able to give an account of her final whereabouts.”
More than seven years later, Taylor’s killing is an open case. Police have declined to offer more specifics about the case…” Read more here:Newsday


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