Long Island, Soon-to-be Island of High Rises, Trains, and Government Owned Land


Seems like Long Island might one day be like 14th century England when land was primarily obtained through acquisition and rarely by inheritance. Whenever land was inherited, it was only for one generation and only after the heir paid off the government or church. Serfs only began to raise themselves up in class stature and wealth once they were able to purchase land of their own.

We will be helped along in our backward movement through TDR’s. Long Islanders need to remember these words – Transfer of Development Rights (TDR). TDR is part of the government ICLEI/Agenda 21 plan to take private property and put it in the public domain. At the same time, it often takes the property off the tax rolls since many participating organizations like HUD and state universities do not pay taxes.

You, the average person will have nothing to say about it because by the time you realize all this wonderful “open space” gibberish is part of a larger unappealing vision, it will be too late for you to object.

Agenda 21/ICLEI has been taking over for the past 20 years without you or I knowing. We were made to think it was the fodder for loons and conspiracy theorists. Don’t bother asking politicians about it because they will pretend they never heard of it, lie to your face, and make you feel like a kook.

All you will hear from most politicians is that we must lower our carbon footprint and clean up our polluted air and water. Who doesn’t want those things?

Well, you’ve been had! As soon as people understand what Agenda 21/ICLEI plan is about, the planners replace the terminology with phrases like “open spaces, sustainability, and smart growth.” It’s no longer  “eminent domain or corporate welfare or cronyism,” it’s “affordable housing and diversifying housing stock,” which only the government and unions can do. They won’t say that cars will soon be a thing of the past but they are planning for it.

Last evening, a Suffolk County Townhall was held in Hauppauge, NY. The panel included a representative from the LI Builders Institute (unions), and representatives from the Hispanic community, HUD, Tim Bishop people, the MTA (union), extremists in the environmental movement, and various other special interest groups who stand to control much of our lives and profit from it. The meeting agenda can be seen here: Suffolk County’s Agenda 21

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how much bigger government will get and how it will assume more control over our lives to allegedly save the environment, while at the same time increasing the role of unions and special interest groups. Their big government mentality is obvious when you look at who they partner with – the DOT, HUD, and the EPA.

Here is how they phrased the purpose of the meeting –

  • Discuss a collaboration of local governments and regional planning organizations who will work in tandem with the NY-Conn Sustainable Communities Consortium to include HUD and unions such as the MTA.
  • Discuss Suffolk County’s efforts to accommodate population growth while protecting natural resources through transfer of development rights (TDR) programs.

The land that is transferred via TDR’s will be used for –

  • “Open spaces,” in other words, land to be returned to nature (that does not include humans).
  • Building of high density “human” developments because we have to put the people somewhere.

The benefits will be –

  • Reduced dependence on autos because the housing will be built near the trains
  • Reduce our carbon footprint because we will all be in high rises, not taking up land and open space
  • Infill – In the urban planning and development industries, infill is the use of land within a built-up area for further construction, especially as part of a community redevelopment or growth management program or as part of smart growth. It focuses on the reuse and repositioning of obsolete or underutilized buildings and sites. This type of development is essential to renewing blighted neighborhoods and knitting them back together with more prosperous communities. Redevelopment is development that occurs on previously developed land. Infill buildings are constructed on vacant or underutilized property or between existing buildings.
  • Diversify housing stock and expand affordable housing – stack ’em and pack ’em with apartments that are actually without bathrooms and kitchens. We’ll go back to the days of apartments with shared bathrooms down the hall. Read here: NY Times
  • Create all these wonderful jobs in healthcare, universities (the ones that are bleeding us dry now), and high tech facilities (possibly Brookhaven as an example). Don’t hold your breath seeing as how the jobs didn’t pan out when the government executed the Stimulus or the corrupt solar company loans.

Getting back to the transfer of development rights. As taxes force us out of our homes and off our farms (Nassau and Suffolk having the first and fifth highest foreclosure rates in the country respectively), the government will not cut taxes or spending. Instead, they will set you up with a reverse mortgage plan so they can later grab your land.

This is how the TDR scheme works –

Let us use a farmer as an example because he has the land that environmentalists want. The farmer is bullied or somehow convinced to sell his property to a developer in exchange for remaining on the property for his lifetime. (Of course, there will be no inheritance if this becomes the American way and it allows the Marxist anti-inheritance view to creep and proliferate throughout our society.)

Once the farmer dies, the land reverts to the government for “open spaces.”

The “favored” developer, who will use only union labor and who has agreed to purchase this land for the government, must get something for his purchase.

What he gets from the government is less picturesque land transferred to him so he can build high density developments, i.e. stack ’em and pack ’em affordable high rises.  For now, these high rises will house the poor, the aged, and the illegals, but they will eventually absorb all ages and cross various ethnic & wealth populations except for the elite.

TDR is a sneaky form of Eminent Domain and it is aimed at conforming to the UN’s Agenda 21/ICLEI plan to reduce our carbon footprint by taking property out of private ownership and returning the land to its original pristine condition. The UN goal is be rid of all cars because they believe they are linked to global warming. Europe has already set a date for eliminating cars from all European cities.

This consortium which met in Hauppauge wants to do all of the above. They want to build high rises near 150 RR stations where they have acquired or will acquire land – that means more train travel and more jobs for the MTA. That would be the same MTA whose RR allows 97% of their employees to retire on full disability. We won’t need cars clearly because we can rely on the train right nearby.

It’s going to take money. Where is the money coming from? Well, Cuomo is raising taxes on job producing “rich” people and Bellone is about to fire 15 lawyers to pay for some of it. My best guess is they will keep raising our taxes until we one day must succumb to this government reverse mortgage scheme or something similar.

Tim Bishop, long a left-wing proponent of “open spaces” had his “grant” forms available. “Grants” are our taxes. There is no stash or manna from heaven. It’s tax money. Of course I care about the environment and want renewable energy and clean air and water but the end does not justify the means. I don’t want it at the expense of freedom.

Video of the Meeting –


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