Long Island’s Contribution to the Disaster in DC


“If you stand for truth, you must stand against lies.”

Jonah Goldberg

Congressman Tim Bishop held his campaign kickoff rally today in Farmingville on September 13th. It was a Big Labor rally. Outside of the campaign workers, it was almost totally comprised of union workers from The Long Island Federation of Labor and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

The people at the rally were mostly people who have benefitted from his political decisions. There weren’t many, perhaps 40 to 60.


The congressman blames the dysfunction in DC on Republicans but he himself has been in DC for 12 years and has little in the way of legislation to show for it.

Last week, Bishop sent some students and campaign workers to rally outside his opponent Lee Zeldin’s campaign kickoff. The people rallying against Mr. Bishop on the 13th were not sent by his opponent. They came on their own.

It was a rally but one thing was missing – Bishop supporters didn’t bring flags – there was one on the top of Bishop’s truck.

That was sad. As a kid, political rallies involved flag waving and throngs cheering. Debates and differing opinions were welcomed. It’s not like that any longer.

You can see the one flag in this brief clip. The car honking is for the anti-Bishop people on the street.

I included several interviews with anti-Bishop protesters because Bishop paints them all as tea party so he can then demonize them. Bishop thinks you have to be in the tea party to be less than thrilled with his lackluster performance over these past 12 years. It’s not the case. There really aren’t any tea parties on Long Island. There were in 2009 but they are long gone.

Tim Bishop and Wounded Warriors

I asked one of the attendees in the anti-Bishop rally about his sign concerning Wounded Warriors and the medical device tax. This is what he said:

This interview concerned all the bills Bishop’s passed:

One of the anti-Bishop protesters heard Bishop speak at a breakfast the day before and she shared her thoughts at today’s rally in the clip below.

She said that Congressman Tim Bishop isn’t that worried about ISIS – they’re mostly just killing Muslims.

Bishop is also a strong supporter of Common Core, a very unpopular set of standards in a state that had high standards.

Listen to the interview [Correction: There were 19 hijackers on 9/11]:

You can watch Tim Bishop’s listless speech from the previous day’s breakfast in the next video. I did learn one thing from the video. There are 40 former ISIS fighters who have returned to the U.S. and they are roaming around freely. We are to believe they are being watched closely enough. Bishop isn’t concerned. He is only concerned about repeating the talking points on the issue.

ISIS just today beheaded another young man – a British aid worker who was in that part of the world to help others.


video via Facebook [A friend took the video]

There are at least 5 terrorists who are tied to the Boston Bombers’ mosque and one is also tied to ISIS according to the NY Post:

 Abdurahman Alamoudi, the mosque’s founder and first president who in 2004 was sentenced to 23 years in prison for plotting terrorism. In 2005, the Treasury Department issued a statement saying Alamoudi raised money for al Qaeda in the US.

 Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT scientist-turned-al Qaeda agent, who in 2010 was sentenced to 86 years in prison for planning a New York chemical attack. Known as “Lady al Qaeda,” she is related to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed. ISIS has tried to trade her release for journalist hostages.

 Tarek Mehanna, who in 2012 got 17 years in prison for conspiring to use automatic weapons to murder shoppers in a suburban Boston mall.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a mosque trustee and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader banned from the US after issuing a fatwa that called for the killing of US soldiers.

Jamal Badawi, another former trustee who in 2007 was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a plan to funnel more than $12 million to Palestinian suicide bombers.

Our borders are wide open and Mr. Bishop is also unconcerned about that. He thinks we are safer than we have ever been before.

If Tim Bishop really believes that ISIS is not a threat to the United States just yet, he’s a very uninformed congressman.

The next photo and brief video clip shows a Democrat and her children rallying against Tim Bishop. The woman rallying likes Mr. Bishop and voted for him every other time he ran for office.

Democrats against Tim


our children are not common

Bishop rotten to the common core

More Bishop core signs

Bishop on the core

no to common core

I’m posting a brief clip of Tim Bishop’s speech at today’s rally. For the most part, his campaign is based on demonizing his opponent Senator Lee Zeldin. He can’t run on his record.


Bellone didn’t bring out the multitudes.

Ballone came

Bishop likes to paint Zeldin as a tea party radical though he is not, and the truth is that Bishop is a supporter of the Occupiers of Wall Street whose membership is comprised mostly of communists, socialists, radical unionists, and some open borders supporters. The radicals are HIS favored constituency.

Bishop won’t stop attacking Congressman/Lt. Col. West – who is black – simply for speaking at Zeldin’s campaign kickoff.

As I wrote, Bishop can’t run on his record.

Senator Zeldin is a Major in the reserves and served honorably in Iraqi Freedom. He’s courageous and served in the elite 82nd airborne as a paratrooper. It’s appropriate for him to have invited the Lt. Col. to speak. The senator is supported by all members of the Republican party from Congressman West to Senator McCain.

Zeldin also had Lt. Col. Steve Russell come to speak. Lt. Col. Russell helped capture Saddam Hussein. You can listen to their speeches on this link and you tell me if you would prefer to support them or the radicals on Wall Street.

Bishop appears to only like blacks if they are liberals.

He isn’t a supporter of the military but he likes to say he is. He does spend money painting their VFW halls while voting to defund and disarm active-duty military.

Bishop made a point of saying he was exonerated as a corrupt member of Congress which isn’t totally accurate. Eric Holder chose 9/11 – the day before Friday dump day – to announce that he wasn’t going to continue investigating Tim Bishop’s pay-for-play scheme. The very political Holder is on Bishop’s side. What Bishop doesn’t say here is that he is still being investigated by Congress.

Obamacare supporter

Bishop lied

Tim Bishop has voted against seniors. He voted for Obamacare and the Independent Advisory Board (IPAB) and he voted against keeping Medicare Advantage in tact. Obamacare cuts Medicare Advantage by $156 billion over the next ten years. He in essence voted for rationing healthcare to seniors. If you listen to him, you’d think the opposite were true.

In the next clip, the horn honking is again for the people rallying against him who, contrary to what Bishop says, were a variety of people including Democrats, veterans and a lot of anti-Common Core mothers who are not in the tea party, including me.

Bishop, who is funded by billionaires and movie stars, attacks Zeldin donors as if he himself were running an unfunded campaign of perfect people. Some labor unions are helping to fund Bishop as well.

Bishop lies

His campaign workers don’t believe in the exercise of free speech. They repeatedly blocked me from videotaping. Congressman Bishop probably liked the senate bill Harry Reid tried to put through that amended and limited our First Amendment.

In the photo you can see the campaign workers blocking me and my camera. It’s more obvious in the video.

Sara blocked by Bishop's guards

Bishop hides out except when he’s campaigning. He’s hard to find unless you are in his circle.

One woman with Patriotic messages written in yellow on her car was stopped by four burly union men. She said they threatened her and only let her go when she explained her husband was an attorney and when someone from the Bishop campaign said she is allowed to drive through the parking lot. She allegedly beeped her horn.The union men were very intimidating to a lone woman.

stopping car@

more unionistas

Her comments:


Pelosi's puppet

open borders

bye bye

A little silly photoshopping by Grace Colucchi in the next photo but there is a point to be made here. Mr. Bishop is helping to outsource the entire economy.

Term limit him

Some photos added after publication. Photos via Grace Colucchi.


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