Long Island’s Costly U.N.-Sponsored ICLEI Project – Thank You Nebraska

This non-motorized vehicle path will run for about 3.3 miles from Setauket to Port Jefferson Station (one town in distance), there are white sensors on each side to alert everyone anywhere nearby that a pedestrian or bike is approaching. All this for only $7.1 million so far.


Update, 1/28: One of our readers, Jim, had more updated info on the “safe” non-motorized vehicle path, so here it is –

“Since when is over 100,000 square feet of black asphalt considered green? Since it gives all those local triathletes an opportunity to commute, via non conventional means, between Port Jefferson and Setauket. Right now the unfinished ‘path’ stops in what is commonly referred to as “the sand pits”.

So there you have it folks, it’s the path to nowhere, or rather, it’s the path to the Long Island sand pits. Thank you to the generous people of Nebraska!

Original Story: Long Island is protecting open spaces and everyone in the country gets to pay for it! Thanks to all of you from Alaska to Texas to Iowa to Buffalo, all over the country and all over New York State, Long Island can now link two neighboring communities who are already linked but not with one “safe” bike path.

This is part of our sustainability, open spaces, green, ICLEI, Agenda 21 initiative. I am all for a sustainable earth and open spaces but not the UN ICLEI version which is based on Marxist philosophy and cares nothing for costs.

Unfortunately, Long Island is crossing the line on this issue and no one is voicing opposition, possibly out of fear of being falsely labeled a conspiracy theorist or an anti-environmental loon.

Tim “Spend-A-Lot” Bishop secured Federal funds for this greenie-way project and Steve “Crazy-for-Green” Englebright secured state monies. NYS Assemblyman Steve Englebright obtained $2.1 million for its design and construction. Then, in 2005, U. S. Congressman Tim Bishop secured $5 million in federal transportation funds for construction.

We keep hearing about our crumbling infrastructure – isn’t there a bridge we could have repaired somewhere for $7.1 million, making better use of this money? This (and the last) administration put ideology over need on most every issue. Read more: Spend, spend, spend

Now, mind you, I’m happy to have the path. I love to bike. However, I dislike using money from the collective to do it at a cost of over $2 million a mile – and we’re not done yet.

I want to know why the path costs this much and why it needs to be 13 feet wide? Who got this contract at $2 million a mile? Shouldn’t someone ask the question?

The ultimate goal, of course, is to get people on bikes and out of cars like the Netherlands. Once the ICLEI-ites destroy coal, oil, and gas, they will have all these bike paths in place for us.

Perhaps Congressman Tim Bishop was worried about the big commuter rush between the two sleepy rural towns of Port Jefferson Station and Setauket.

One day, if this thing is ever completed, people will be able to commute to work between the two communities by bike or on rollerblades. They could now too if they wanted to, but it’s so much safer to go through a desolate forest.

It took the ICLEIs years and years to plan it, and it’s only one-third of the way completed. They will have to maintain and preserve it at some cost.

There is a sign painted on the road that warns there is an upcoming pedestrian crossing. That of course isn’t enough for us dummies on Long Island.

We need sensors on the new non-motorized vehicle path which flash lights and sounds warning everyone in the area that a pedestrian or a bike is about to approach the street.  Of course the sensors are not only expensive, they must be maintained and repaired.

If they are not operating, I’m sure we are opening ourselves to lawsuits now that we have taken on this responsibility.

Take a look at this video, Sensors for Dummies

The “safe” Greenway is open to hikers, joggers, bikers, roller bladers and walkers. Motorized vehicles are prohibited.

If you travel on this desolate "safe" area after dark, be careful.

The local councilman, Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld, must be mentioned here since he takes credit for a lot of these initiatives and “investments.” He’s a dedicated disciple of the UN’s Agenda 21 – ICLEI initiative. He can’t spend enough on ICLEI everything. It’s not his money – it comes from the Obama, Cuomo and local taxpayer stash.

Steve supports various groups who are also using local taxpayer monies to buy “historic” properties at great expense, which means more government-owned property like any good ICLEI supporter and all for the good cause of “historic preservation.” Steve bragging about his ICLEI agenda: Steve and ICLEI

I know I must sound like I am not supportive of windmills, solar, bike paths, open spaces, but nothing could be further from the truth. What I am opposed to is the Marxist version.

Read about LI ICLEI here: ICLEI USA and then read this: UN Role in ICLEI and then this: the UN’s Plan for Agenda 21/ICLEI and finally, in the UN’s own words: UN Marxist, Anti-Private Property, Pro “Global Commons”

Another explanation by the UN: UN.org

Personally, I believe the earth is warming and I do believe that man contributes to some degree. Beyond that, we know little so why are we spending like we are sure environmental Armageddon is around the corner?