Congratulations Nassau County, Highest Taxes In The Country

Long Taxland

According to the Tax Foundation, Nassau overall pays the highest taxes in the nation. Suffolk county ranks twelfth. The basic reason is school taxes. Teacher/Administrator unions beware – the bubble will burst.


Makes Nassau special but Nassau County residents had better get religion or they will be the poorest and least free county in the country. Suffolk County isn’t far behind. Who can afford to live on Long Island? Soon, the hard working immigrants and the rich will have to pay the tab without help from the others.

“…Behind the manicured shrubs and stately single-family homes lining the streets of Garden City, N.Y., a 21,672-person town about 20 miles east of Manhattan, lies a harsh truth–high property taxes.

Nassau County homeowners pay a median $8,153–or 8% of their yearly income–to live there. It’s the fourth-highest rate in the country…” Forbes

Detailed info here:Tax Foundation


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