Long Island’s ‘Welcoming America’ Counties Where No Illegal Has to Assimilate But Citizens Must Adapt


Nassau and Suffolk once led the way in illegal immigration deportations. Thousands were deported in a two-year time frame. We no longer deport and Andrew Cuomo, our dictatorial but not-bright governor, declared New York a sanctuary state. We no longer deport and we have Sheriffs who cooperate.

Newsday reported on a recent study that found the immigrant population makes up 1 in 5 of Long Island’s 2.9 million people. The authors of the study say the immigrants are having a positive impact on the local economy. According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, a Progressive Institute that claims to be non-partisan, there are 526,000 immigrants living on Long Island and of that number 98,000 are illegal immigrants.

Whether their impact is positive or not is for another article since this study appears to leave out the impact on schools and welfare systems. However, that’s irrelevant for the purposes of this article. They need to come here legally. They need to be vetted. Illegal immigrants are taking the place of people who struggled to get here legally.

The issue is that many immigrants came here illegally and there is also the fact that the high percentage of immigrants in general will dramatically change our social, economic, and political future.

Hispanics, who make up the majority of immigrants, are generally terrific people like all people but, unfortunately, they come from narco-nations in many cases. The drug problem on Long Island is growing along with the illegal immigration. Just yesterday, there was a story of three 20 year olds, two of them girls, being shot to death in a car in front of the young man’s house in Wyandanch. It appears to be drug-related. This is happening more and more and we do have a growing gang population.

Hempstead, Long island was an easy target for the federal government as a loyal minority and Democratic township so the government exploited them and put 1200 illegal immigrant children in their school this year.

They don’t have the teachers, the space or the funds so they are going to the government and asking for $11.5 million to start. They’ll probably get it and they will probably keep voting for the Democrats who saddled them with a near-impossible problem that makes it so much harder for them to educate their own needy children.

Hempstead is a Democratic district with many social and economic problems.

Long Island hired hundreds of teachers this  year, mostly to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking children. They are primarily illegal immigrants.

I personally saw ICE buses with blackened windows traveling out east during the height of the UAC arrivals.

Did you know that Long Island is tied to a Central American Refugee Center? It is called a refugee center for a reason. Many illegal immigrants are being treated as refugees which puts them in line for a great deal of taxpayer-funded entitlements and, more importantly, puts them on an expedited path to citizenship. The people who run the center are serious leftists who sign these “immigrants” up for the Democratic Party.

Welcoming cities

Welcoming America cities and counties. The movement is funded in part by the Open Society and George Soros. George Soros hates America and hopes to bring us down and make us into his Socialist Utopia.

Long Island is one of the government’s ‘welcoming’ counties which treats illegal immigrants and legal immigrants in exactly the same way.

According to the website Long Island Wins, their goals are:

Welcoming Long Island is an initiative of Long Island Wins. At Welcoming Long Island, we seek to build mutual respect and cooperation between the foreign-born and U.S.-born who call Long Island home.

The ultimate goal of Welcoming Long Island is to create a welcoming atmosphere – community by community – in which immigrants are able to integrate into the social fabric of their new hometowns.

It’s integration not assimilation. Nowhere is the word ‘assimilation’ ever mentioned.

We now convert all government documents in Suffolk into numerous languages to accommodate the “immigrants”.

Our government agencies are being made more welcoming. So are our police. They receive cultural sensitivity training as part of their job.

brainwashing the police

We have a lot of Muslims coming in from foreign lands and there are 4 Mosques (3 are relatively new) within in a five-mile area of my Suffolk home alone. The Center is involved with Muslim groups as well. Are they vetted? Are they here legally?

The refugee center likes to attack our police in Suffolk as racists. They want open borders and expedited citizenship for the ‘New Americans’.

Personally, I like the Hispanic, Muslim, Indian and Chinese immigrants but they really must come here legally.

We now have our first New York-illegal immigrant who will be admitted as an attorney and who will now influence laws, policies and who knows what else. Worse than that, it sets an important precedent of erasing the lines between legal and illegal.

The left has goals for the future of Long Island that will make it into a “singular” region with “social, economic, and political policies” that reflect that. With all these new future Democrats, that shouldn’t be hard to accomplish unless Republicans start getting out into the populace and showing them a different way. It wouldn’t be easy. Democrats give out freebies using the unlimited funds from the taxpayer ATM.

Go to Refugee Resettlement Watch to find out more about ‘Welcoming America’ which not only seeks to change our attitudes towards illegal immigrants but also wants us to adapt to them and their mores rather than expecting assimilation. They want a multicultural United States, not a United one with its own history and culture that immigrants must accept and adapt to. We are becoming a borderless country without an identity which will soon fall prey to the totalitarians.


Article edited after publication to add the link to The Fiscal Policy Institute study.



  1. I live on the East End of Long Island in Suffolk County. It’s so safe that the Curtis Silwa Guardian Angels are now patrolling downton. Yeah, it sure is safe.

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