Longshoremen Damage, Threaten and Wreak Havoc – Entitled Thugs


CALLING ERIC HOLDER, WHERE ARE YOU ERIC?  Union thugs held security guards hostage and damaged property because they feel they have the right to behave like criminals if they do not get the jobs they want.

Over 500 longshoremen stormed a Washington State port because they are angry that the newly constructed facility at the EGT terminal hired union workers from another union. The company involved originally wanted to hire non-union and settled on a different union, presumably for lower wages or benefits. The entitled union criminals threw 20 tons of grain into the sea and damaged the railroad. Women (and men) were blocking the train. The police were so outnumbered that they couldn’t arrest anyone and hope to arrest them after viewing videocam photos. The six security guards had to hide in their offices out of fear and were hostages during the ordeal.

The union leaders said they didn’t know about it, but ,they said, it was understandable. The only thing understandable is that they feel very entitled.

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