Look at the Filth Left Behind by the Democratic Party’s Army


You might not like President Trump but look at what he’s fighting in this video. These lunatics are typical of the Democratic Party army. The anti-Trump, refuseFascism protesters walked down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, leaving trash in their wake on July 15th.

The flag that is yellow, orange and black is the flag for Native American power. However, many of the people claiming to be indigenous people are definitely not. They are foreigners from south of the border.

The ‘No’ signs are the imaginings of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. There were also many “America was never great” signs because these are people who hate their own country.

These are the people who have taken over the Democratic Party and they want to tell us all what we can or cannot do.

At the end of this video, look at the filth these radicals leave behind.

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