Look at What Happened to NFL Ratings During the Season Opener


Ratings for the NFL’s season opener on Thursday night fell 8 percent from last year’s opener — to their lowest level in a decade. This was the Eagles and Falcons game.

The decline came even after the TV audience for last year’s opener declined 19 percent from 2016’s opener, statistics out Friday revealed.

The “Thursday Night Football” telecast on NBC, delayed 45 minutes due to severe weather in the Philadelphia area, averaged a 13.4 overnight rating.

That made it the lowest season opener in 10 years, according to Sports Media Watch — and breathed new life into fears about the NFL being unable to extricate itself from a structural decline.

NBC Sports reported:

NBC announced a 13.4 overnight rating for the Super Bowl champion Eagles’ last-second win over the Falcons. That was way down from the 14.6 for Chiefs-Patriots last year, which itself was way down from a 16.5 for Panthers-Broncos the year before, which itself was way down from a 17.7 for Steelers-Patriots the year before that.

The MSM keeps offering excuses for the downturn that don’t include kneeling but they did report that no one kneeled Monday.

Also, they are still the number one sport, the MSM reminds us. [Not forever if they keep trashing the symbols of our nation and police.]

The public is not allowed to see for themselves or hear the Anthem since many in the media, including CBS and ESPN, won’t show it any longer. That must make the hate America crowd happy.

Keep in mind, the downward spiral has no end in sight. Don’t watch it, Just Do It as KaeperNIKE would say.


  1. Another drop in viewership in spite of the fact there’s very little competition on TV. Lots of repeats and weak summer replacements. Very few “premier shows” in the offing & baseball isn’t into playoffs. Yet the featured game opening the season continued the pattern of dramatically declining ratings.
    Nike promoting it’s Colin K. ad certainly didn’t help NBC.
    In addition, the footballers probably lost a sizable chunk of their audience to Donald Trump’s speech.

  2. The National Champions Eagles became a national disgrace when they allowed their politically radical owner, Jeffrey Laurie, and the miscreants in helmets Malcolm Jennings and Chris Long, attempt to embarrass President Trump by pulling out the night before on their scheduled White House visit.

    What goes around comes around and I am happy to witness it start coming around to Jeffrey Laurie, Doug Pedersen and the Eagles.

  3. The downturn continues and will be hidden as much as possible, but they cannot hide empty seats. The best way to assess the situation is to view photos of the stands like last year.

  4. May the tanking continue!!!!

    Major apologies from all kneeling players, and admission from ALL TEAM OWNERS, AND ALL EMPLOYEES, TO EACH AND EVERY VETERAN AND POLICEMAN would be a start. BUT the problem is WE WOULD ALL KNOW IT IS A SHAM TO SAVE THEIR SALARIES. You see we already know what you think and how you feel. Sorry NFL top to bottom there is ABSOLUTELY, nothing you can ever do to correct you stupidity, and unpatriotic stance over the last few years.

    I await you total and complete demise!

  5. the day I see lambeau field half empty on a playoff game is the day I rejoice! screw mr & mr aroon and danny Patrick. go back to socal, you stink up my state.

  6. Football is just a child’s game.
    OUR nation and way of life are certainly NOT games.
    I WAS a lifelong pro football fan, and I remember watching them play on B&W TV “back in the day” in leather helmets when i was a kid.
    There is no way that i will ever again watch another NFL game , or spend another penny towards their profit line.
    NEVER again.
    I will make it my mission to make sure that everybody and anybody who supports the treasonous fraud aka “NFL” gets the memo, face to face, EVERY incident/event/time.
    To do otherwise would be a betrayal of my ancestors, and family, and OUR people and OUR nation.
    Ex-USN Destroyerman 7th Fleet Vietnam
    “CAN DO!”
    Believe it.

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