Look Carefully at the Signs Held Up During the Anti-Trump Rally That the Media Won’t Publish


If you want to know where we are headed if nothing changes, look at the signs.

Kill Whitey

At about 07:04, you can hear them scream “kill whitey” on the video below while they are holding up “Brown Pride” signs. Who are the real racists here? If we want more divisiveness in this country, we need to allow the borders to remain open. Many of the people at these rallies are here illegally and all attendees are from the far-left fringe.

We need legal immigrants who want to make America great again. The price of admission for the people here illegally is they have to vote Democrat for life.

More signs from the California anti-Trump rally.

brown pride but kill whitey

hate trump foreigners

hate-filled people

make AmeriKKK Mexico

Hillary plans to give every one of these people full amnesty within her first 100 days in office.

Hillary’s Immigration Plan Forever Enshrines an Open Borders USA and Worse



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