Leaked Documents Show Who Sabotaged Bill O’Reilly


We didn’t just lose Bill O’Reilly on Fox News yesterday. Like O’Reilly or not, people should care about the firing of Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly is one of the most important spokespersons on Fox News cable. Without him, all right-leaning news will be gone in time, and it won’t be long.

The firing of O’Reilly is a game changer.

We don’t know if O’Reilly is guilty of having given the left ammunition, but we do know the left won. This was, at least in part, a witch hunt driven by the hateful hard-left.

The Bonner Group is a Super PAC fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and the DNC and Media Matters. Media Matters is the Soros-funded David Brock PAC that has declared a War on Fox. They appear to be behind the advertisers pulling out of the O’Reilly Factor. They use botnets to bombard the companies.

The Bonner Group is the largest fundraiser for Media Matters and the DNC.

That is who Mary Pat Bonner is and she wrote the following letter.

The letter below which the Group sent out claims Fox News is a purveyor of misinformation though we have already discovered the mainstream media is corrupt and part of the fake news media.

As they call all of us on the right, they also call O’Reilly extreme and sexist, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic. They say he is a host who spreads false conservative theories on TV.

Bill O’Reilly is the most moderate of the conservative TV hosts. He never connects the dots, he only puts out facts. He is NOT a theorist at all.

Keep in mind that we have not seen any evidence of the sexual assault he is accused of. The proof has not been presented.

Women do lie too.

Glenn Beck has traveled with O’Reilly and said he has never even heard O’Reilly joke inappropriately. As far as settlements, the insurance companies, lawyers, bosses, all demand the target settle – make it go away – that’s the world we live in.

Beck does say he doesn’t know if the women are telling the truth or not, he just hasn’t seen O’Reilly act inappropriately.

Look at the letter going out from the Bonner Group. There is a lot more evidence coming.

As Glenn Beck tweeted, with Bill O’Reilly gone, it’s the end of Fox as we know it.

In this Glenn Beck clip, you can hear Beck’s summary of how they do it.

Since James and Lachlan Murdoch are left-wing, you can guess the direction the network will move. Tucker and Hannity and a couple others will go on for a while, but the station will never be what it was. Don’t be surprised if Hannity is pushed out next.

Executive Bill Shine will probably be tossed after Media Matters goes after him. They got rid of Brian Lewis and Roger Ailes, Shine is next. Sometimes the left finds real flaws and sometimes they make them up.

Fox News cable has been moving away from its roots for a while. For example, they used to air programs by anti-climate change scientists and people who had their land stolen by the EPA – you don’t see shows like that any longer. James is a rabid climate change proponent.

You see what is going on in the universities so don’t doubt for a minute that the right is being silenced.

This is another clip from Beck’s radio show in which he explains that he never saw inappropriate behavior by O’Reilly.




    • Yes, because you tolerant Leftists can’t compete in the arena of ideas, only smears and underhanded tactics.

  1. I have watched as the women on Fox have allowed the degradation of our species! Pretty women having facelifts that were probably demanded by the powers that be then they started showing more of their bodies and if that isn’t an invitation for a comment, a stare or a lurid look I don’t know what is! If you don’t comments, don’t give them something to comment about! They could have said no to the powers that be but I guess the money was too good!! I don’t understand what is going on in our country, a Muslim man can get by with raping a woman because she wore the wrong clothing but American men can’t tell you how nice you look! Wake up people, you are being led around by the nose and are reacting just how they want you to!!

    • This truly unbelievable , I’ m a woman and when I saw Megan Kelly almost always wearing off the shoulder dress that were skin tight I was like that is inappropriate dress for news/ commentary show or station. But America wake up this is really George orwell’s 1984 coming to real life! It is scary as hell! And you are right, just say no and walk away!

  2. Women want women’s liberation, then women want equal rights, but if a man says to a women girl you look good as Perquita burgess said Bill Oreilly said to her getting of the elevator, she is claiming SEXUAL HARRASSEMENT,! OMG! Really, Kirsten Powers was on CNN last night and she said that during an Oreilly show she was on bill called her by the wrong name, and in his embarrassment he said with all the blondes at fox it was hard to keep them and their names straight! OMG! She was so upset she claims, and she demanded an apology from the company that she left Fox News when she did not get what she wanted, wahhhhhh! Wahhhhhhhh! What an imature baby! Then comes Wendy Walsh who was on the Oreilly factor many times claims she had dinner with mr. Oreilly and after dinner he asked if she wanted to come up to his room, she said no. And they went their own ways, but she said that bill treated her badly after that so called insident. Yet she was on his show 13 times after said insident! Wahhhhhhh! Wahhhhhh! OMG! That’s SEXUAL HARRASSEMENT !!!! Give me a break! These woman are just out to get rich! A man says you look nice, but you don’t like how he says it, that HARRASSEMENT ! You have dinner and your asked up to his room after, that’s sexual HARRASSEMENT ! NO IT’S NOT,!!! Theses woman need to get lives, you wanted to have equal rights to play in the deep end of the pool then learn to swim, my fellow women, learn to swim! You are a bunch of Whinny ass bitches! Women’s rights and liberation my ass!

    • Bravo!!!!! Well said !!!! 1000% agree. It’s about pushing an agenda, 15 minutes of fame and $$$. If there had truly been a legit claim and “suffering”… Not one of those “women” would have settled. As a woman, I am embarrassed by their behavior. Great job selling your soul, hurting real woman and stabbing free speech in the back I call bullshit on the lot of you!!!!! Now go get your pink pussy hat and crawl into your safe space.


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