Sociopathic Killer Speaks at Posh Colleges Without a Single Protest


This next story is insane. It’s not America any longer when things like this go on.

Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, Heather MacDonald and others are not allowed to speak on college campuses but a woman who tortured a man to death is a speaker in demand. She’s even touted as a victimized black woman.

Donna Hylton sat on a panel, titled Ella Baker Day, on April 13 at Manhattanville College in a posh area of New York City.

The panel’s focus was on the rights of prisoners. Daily Caller reported that Hylton went on for 30 minutes about her many complaints as a prisoner.

“She mentioned graphic stories,” the student source told The Daily Caller. “If you were not crying by the time she was done speaking, there’s something wrong with you.”

Since Hylton is known as a pathological liar, the kid might want to rethink her pity.

Hylton “made it seem like she was some innocent woman who was put in jail,” the student also said. “She didn’t say why she was in jail. She said it was because of the color of her skin.”

“Her basic theme was, ‘I am an innocent victim and it’s because of how awful Donald Trump is.’”

Hylton is not only allowed to speak, she is in demand on college campuses.

This is sick.

Donna Hylton is an unrepentant killer who also spoke at the Women’s March. She kidnapped, beat, and burned a gay man, or at least a man she thought was gay or maybe she was lying about that too. Then she stuck a 3 foot metal rod up his rectum, tearing through his entire body. She killed him but she’s not remorseful. Donna Hylton sees herself as a victim.

A pity movie is being made about her, titled, A Little Bit of Light.

The beautiful sexual sadist-killer.
The beautiful sexual sadist-killer.

Growing up in Jamaica, Hylton’s mother first sold her to an American couple in New York. She was 7 years old. Thinking that she was going to Disneyland, she ended up in a very different reality: Hylton would find out that her adoptive father was a pedophile. To get away from him, she would hide in the closet, and when she saw a little piece of light coming through the room, she knew he was on his way to get her.

Her story changes. This is only one version.

Her victim, Mr. Vigliarolo was lured the apartment of one of her co-defendants, then was driven to the Harlem apartment, where he was stripped, tied to a bed and fed once a day while his captors demanded that he pay money to Miranda.

When his body was found days after his death, Vigliarolo had been ‘burned with cigarettes, beaten with a blunt instrument, and his sternum (breast bone) had been fractured.

He apparently died of “asphyxiation and the deprivations of his imprisonment” on April 2, days before a ransom demand was made, the prosecutor said and the AP reported.

The murderesses’ life is glorified now. She couldn’t help what she did, according to her. In fact, Donna Hylton isn’t even expected to express remorse. She only has to exist as a victim and others will assign motives to her and give her the conscience she does not have.

She didn’t just torture and kill the man who begged for pity. Hylton planned it out and committed her perverse crime over 15 to 20 days, the last days that Thomas Vigliarolo spent on earth.

This sociopath with the evil heart has been allowed to make it about feminism and victimization. She marches for women, gives speeches and speaks of the evils of male guards supplying feminine hygiene products to women prisoners.

Her claim to fame is she is black and spent 27 years in prison.

In a promo for a documentary for the CCTV network, which is controlled by the Chinese government, Hylton is heard to say, “Every person that represents an institution within this country is involved in the abuse that happened to me and so many other women. It doesn’t matter black, brown, or white or whatever. A lot of the crimes that people are in prison for, especially women, are not crimes. They’re situations.”

When she was asked by CGTV, the official Chinese media outlet, why she participated in the Women’s March on Washington, Hylton said, “First of all because I’m a woman. Because I’m a woman that spent 27 years in prison and we are the most marginalized of this demographic and we continue to be silenced, we continue to be negated, we continue to be vilified, we continue to be dehumanized…”

She’s marginalized? Thomas Vigliarolo is marginalized and reduced to barely a footnote in Psychology Today.

Communist/May Day in Philadelphia included students screaming, “Kill Trump, Kill Pence”.

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