Look to Bobby Jindal for A Radical Reformation of Our Failing Educational System

Well We Know One Thing, Teachers' Unions Make Education Expensive

” When you are young and a Liberal you are exciting!  When  you are old and a Liberal , you are a fool!!”

Several years ago, I received a call from my 80 year old Mom. Hysterically she said that she heard from the family,” that I was a Republican!” Being the first, and probably, to this day, the ONLY Conservatives in our entire families, my wife and I really stand out!  But, every day, our political convictions are more and more solidified, as I see liberal policies FAIL!

Coming from a family of school teachers, I was always told that 95% of the school budget was NOT negotiable!! Any change would be DETRIMENTAL to “our kids” and the school system!

Yesterday, I read about Bobby Jindal, Louisiana’s Governor, and his plan to improve his state’s educational system by making changes that I was ALWAYS told were impossible to make!

  • He was creating America’s largest school Voucher program!
  • He was starting the broadest parental choice system!
  • He would initiate the toughest teacher accountability program!
  • ANY low-income student, from a school rated C, D, or F, was eligible!
  • There would be NO new taxes to pay for this! The state pays $8,500 per student now. If a student leaves a poorly-rated  school, this $8,500 goes to the new school! WOW! Competition!
  • Teachers would receive tenure ONLY if they were highly rated (top 10%) five years in a row! A tenured teacher, who was suddenly rated “ineffective” (bottom 10% ) would return to probationary status! Unbelievable!
  • Ineffective teachers would receive NO PAY RAISES!
  • The “last in- first out” rule is gone!
  • In exchange, Governor Jindal RAISED EDUCATIONAL SPENDING BY 10%! Great!

My Liberal friends have always told me that even though our education system is broken and definitely needed these changes -THEY WERE IMPOSSIBLE TO DO!

OK,  – let’s keep our eye on that “poor, unsophisticated, non-elitist, State of Louisiana (NO Ivy League School or NY Times readers there)!

Maybe we can learn something!