Look What This University Is Banning Now



CUNY has been affectionately known by those of us who are disdainful of the hard left as Communist University of New York since the 1960s. It’s not your typical city university or at least it wasn’t. It’s a hotbed of leftist professors who don’t seem to like America much.

Their latest ridiculous idea is to BAN the use of the salutations “Mr.” and “Mrs.” in correspondence because it might offend a transgender.

I don’t understand why. If a transgender is a Mr. or a Ms., why would they be offended?

The Graduate Center, according to The College Fix, has told Professors and other employees they are forbidden from addressing students and prospective students with the title “Mr.” and “Ms.” because, campus leaders say, the terms may be offensive.

What kind of Fascistic nonsense is this?

“Effective Spring 2015, the (graduate center’s) policy is to eliminate the use of gendered salutations and references in correspondence to students, prospective students, and third parties,” Louise Lennihan, interim provost, states to employees in a recent memo. “Accordingly, Mr. and Ms. should be omitted from salutations.”

She thinks she has the right to change the rules of the English language for her ideology.

Lennihan instructs staffers to interpret the new policy “as broadly as possible,” that it applies to “all types of correspondence, such as: all parts of any letter including address and salutation, mailing labels, bills or invoices, and any other forms or reports,” states the memo, a copy of which was provided to The College Fix by school spokeswoman Tanya Domi.

Rather than using “Mr.” or “Ms.,” staff are instructed to refer to students by his or her full name. The policy will “ensure a respectful, welcoming, and gender-inclusive learning environment … [and] accommodate properly the diverse population of current and prospective students,” Lennihan states in the memo.

They are actually saying this is in accordance with Title IX anti-discrimination regulations.

It’s absurd, they are deluding the public, and it’s just more unnecessary control from a very hard-left bunch. These people take our free speech away. Don’t let them! I would simply use, “Hey, you.”

This is part of the political, social and cultural revolution from the hard-left and it’s highly unlikely they give two hoots about the .04% of transgenders. They care about ideology and control.


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