Look Who’s Co-Producing a TV Show About Himself


Eric Holder, the former hard-left attorney general, famous for allowing the sale of arms to drug cartels, is co-producing a TV series based on…wait for it….wait…himself.

The former U.S. Attorney General has teamed with top producer Jerry Bruckheimer for Main Justice, a legal drama series project, which will be aired by CBS. It’s based on his life, but we doubt they will cover Fast & Furious or his pardoning of Marc Rich and dangerous FALN terrorists.

The audience should hear a lot about how evil guns are, how oppressive it is to demand voter IDs and they will no doubt get to listen to how Islamic terrorists are really victims. Count on some race-baiting.

Written by Sascha Penn (Survivor’s Remorse) and executive produced by Holder and Bruckheimer, Main Justice was inspired by Holder’s life and work. “Inspired” is a strange word to use in the same sentence with Eric Holder.

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