Look Who’s Marching for Maduro in Our Nation’s Capital


A group pretending to represent Venezuela protested in D.C. against the President on behalf of Nicolas Maduro. When the Fox reporter spoke to a group protesting the protesters, one man said the other group doesn’t represent Venezuela and they don’t even speak Spanish.

The protesters sounded exactly like Representatives Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and a few others opposing the President’s efforts to help Venezuela.

The reason I wanted you to see this is mostly because of what Fox News host Pete Hegseth said at the end. It is important because no one is admitting who these protest/riot leaders are. They are all the same people, driven by the same agenda. It’s the people who foment the Occupy, Ferguson, and other protests. At the end of the clip, Hegseth said, “This is a radical Marxist left-wing group.”

I have watched reporters ignore Communist flags and signs in these protests and do their best to keep those photos out of the news. They have deliberately not mentioned who these people are.

Meanwhile, the people of Venezuela are being given rotten rice with worms by the Maduro regime.

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