Looking for Suckers! Arnold Schwarzenegger Redefines the UN Global Warming Debate


Former California governor – failed governor and all-around womanizer – Arnold Schwarzenegger wants environmental activists to redefine the global warming debate as an  air and water pollution debate or at least focus on said pollution.

Schwarzenegger spoke Sunday at a global climate meeting in Bonn, Germany, where diplomats from around the world are discussing implementing the Paris climate accord. All the world’s globalists are involved in the accord except for the deep-pocketed United States.

The over-achieving Terminator said: “It’s time we wake up and talk about what really matters: 25,000 people dying every day because of pollution.”

We couldn’t track down his “facts” but an air purifier company called Alencorp claims 25,000 Californians die every year from air pollution.

Schwarzenegger is the UN’s useful idiot but it likely makes him feel good to speak out in defense of the world and all the money he wants our nation to contribute to the UN for their ventures.

Schwarzenegger criticized the environmental community for “missing the point” with its messaging on global warming.

He said: “People do not focus as much on 2 degrees energy increases in temperatures or increases in sea levels rising.”

Energy? Temperature? What is he talking about? It’s 2 degrees in temperature – that’s what the alarmists wants us to reverse. Covered wagons, here we come!

Schwarzenegger thinks calling attention to concrete issues, like “so many people having problems with cancer and kids with asthma,” is a better approach.

Never mind how fake the facts are or how expensive the fix will be that won’t fix anything. The communists/socialists running the UN will have their dreams fulfilled — destroy the US economy and enslave us all to their corrupt practices. It’s a win-win for the fraudsters.

The solutions the left have devised do nothing. EPA chief Gina McCarthy admitted the agency’s sweeping climate regulations of fossil fuel fired plants will have no perceptible impact on the climate.

She admitted that the Clean Power Plan “is not about end of pipe controls.” The rule, she said, is about “driving investment in renewables…, [and] advancing our ongoing clean energy revolution”.

Most concerning is that McCarthy added, “That’s what… reinventing a global economy looks like.”

In the end, it will be a socialist economy.

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