Looney Ashley Judd Says U.S. Ranks 104th Behind Iraq in Equal Rights for Women


Would love to see her wear her pussy hat in Iraq.

The U.S. is behind Iraq in rights for women, so says Ashley Judd aka Nasty Woman.

Women in Rwanda, Iceland, Vietnam and 131 other nations have constitutionally guaranteed equal rights, but American women do not, claims Rep. Jackie Speier who wants to change that with a constitutional amendment because she obviously doesn’t know much about the Constitution which guarantees equal rights for all.

“We think we’re so enlightened and ahead of the curve and, frankly, we’re behind,” said Speier who has a bill to update the Constitution with discrimination on the basis of sex which is what this bill would engender.

Both crazy Ashley Judd and Jackie Spier think people in Rwanda, Angola, Eritrea, Sudan, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and so many other similar nations have it better.

Judd is fighting for rights for women that they already have. “Stupid is as stupid does”, as Forrest Gump said.

We are certain she could move to Iraq and get her rights. She should do that post haste.

If you missed her X-Rated Nasty Woman speech, you are lucky, but here it is in case you want to listen to it.



  1. We all must be vigilant to make certain our own voice doesn’t become too strident. She loses me because of the all the noise that goes along with her message and the vulgarity of her remarks.

  2. She definitely is as lonely can be! Do you think she needs the attention in order to be noticed? Is she trying to revive her pathetic career?

  3. Let the stupid liberal move to one of those country and either be raped or stoned to death and we’ll see who has more rights

  4. Judd doesn’t understand that feminists hate her because she is an a attractive woman and that they’re manipulating her to be in the front window of feminism …. it’s extraordinary that she lacks the intellect, moral and ethical compass to see what she is doing … truely a heinous, hideous and repugnant person

  5. Ashley Judd is a moron. She needs shock therapy. I wouldn’t listen to her nor watch anything she’s in. She’s an apostate !!!

  6. Wow, evidently she does smoke a lot of crack! Of course, the vagina hat is a big tip off on that. It is a good thing someone told me it was a vagina hat. I just thought someone screwed up real bad in knitting it, but made enough for everyone, so people wore them to be nice. Have these women lost their minds? They live in a society where they can freely wear these incredibly stupid hats, full on vagina costumes, run around with electrical tape on their nipples protesting- ?something? and yet they are saying that women here are subjugated and downtrodden, unlike sharia law countries where women can’t go out of the house without a man, can’t work, can’t drive, can’t get a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, can’t use birth control and are subject to beatings at men’s will, rapes, gential mutilation,and substandard or no medical care or education? Stupid nasty women indeed.

  7. Remember “Ruby In Paradise” was filmed in Panama City Beach and Bay County, Florida at Executed Ex-Narc Frog Johnson’s Show N Tail Nudie Bar and the White Western Men’s Club…….Panamaed

  8. Frog Johnson’s murderer hid out at convicted Child Molester and Economic Development Alliance Scam Artist Travis Lee Sanders Troy Alabama Hunting Lodge. Attorney Thomas Hogan of Brooksville, Florida is the subject of a $MM Tax Evasion Case via the Virgin Islands based on the EDA Scheme. Son Tristan Lee Sanders was just sentenced to 10 Years….like father….like son….and the State Attorney did nothing to the Perv that was watching it all on the computer. Much more to this story.

  9. Please quit placating these lunatics by reposting the venom spewed at the “pussy” March. It was disgusting and demeaning and these out of touch women are NOT helping do anything but degrade women even more. They can’t figure out what to do when on one hand they want equal rights for women (which we already have, duh) and then on the other they want to help the transgender community who don’t know what sex they are to fight for which rights. Shut the hell up.

    • I understand how you feel. But this is part of the cultural revolution and people have to know so they can rect with knowledge, as unpleasant as it is.

  10. She is a disgrace to women. I am honestly ashamed of her. And even worse, as if the state of Kentucky didn’t have a big enough stigmatism on it, she makes me ashamed of that too. What a disgrace to all fellow Kentuckians and women.

  11. I think it’s a shame that women like her are uneducated and well, frankly quite stupid. Go to Iran or Iraq or perhaps Saudi Arabia where I believe women aren’t even allowed to drive a car. The nation that also believes a woman who wears jeans causes earthquakes. Give me a break you stupid twat Ashley.

  12. You can only laugh at the stupidity of these elitist who think people actually believe what they say. Democrats, you just keep tolerating these people. They make Republicans look great everyday.

    • Hillary said yesterday we’re being subtly mistreated. I’ve worked in a man’s world and found them to be just fine.

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