Socialist Bernie Sanders Accidentally Tells the Truth About Obamacare


Socialist loon Bernie Sanders surprisingly told CNN’s Dana Bash that Obamacare does have serious problems. Obviously the rise in premiums and the high cost of deductibles is an ever-growing disaster that even a rabid socialist won’t always deny.

Dana noted the President was trying to blame Democrats for the failed Republican healthcare bill but Trump also said he wants to work with Democrats.

“Dana let me begin by saying this, the bill that was defeated should have been defeated. It was a disastrous piece of legislation primarily designed to provide 300 billion dollars in tax breaks to the top 2%, throwing 24 million people off of health insurance, raising premiums for older workers in a very very significant way.”

As an aside, it was designed to let people choose insurance or not. If 24 million ended up not having insurance, it’s because they chose to not have insurance.

Bernie continued, “Now as you indicated, of course Obamacare has serious problems. The deductibles are too high, premiums are too high. The cost of healthcare is going up at a much faster rate than it should.”

He then went into how much we need a single payer plan. Bernie is no economic genius.

Here is a man who has no idea of why the premiums and deductibles are so high. He is pushing more of the same policies that made Obamacare so awful.

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