Lord of the Flies! Wild Youth Riot at CT Malls


The Connecticut Post Mall was cleared out by police after hundreds of people were involved in a fight that extended throughout the mall.

The fight, which started Thursday evening, began in the food court but spread throughout the mall and outside, according to authorities.

“This whole situation was crazy,” Monae Moye, a New Haven resident, told News 8. “They were fighting in the food court … All I saw was somebody, they swung and hit somebody in the head, and that person just fell out. It was like they hit them so hard. It was so crazy.”

Moye claimed someone pulled out a gun at one point. Authorities said no shooting occurred during the fight but said the situation involved fights in “excess of a couple hundred” people.

There were riots at other malls as well. This is becoming commonplace. We have a serious social problem in this country but until people admit what the problem is, nothing will get better.

You would think they were raised by wolves.


It wasn’t only Milford.

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