Loretta Lynch Feels Badly for the Charlotte Rioters and Is Sending Four Leftists to Help Out



Keep in mind the end goal is globalization.

Loretta Lynch is sending four federally-trained peacekeepers to Charlotte. Doesn’t that sound like UN language?

DoJ Chief Loretta Lynch has just sanctioned our new normal – violent protests. It’s a get-out-the-vote tactic in North Carolina and it’s an opportunity to federalize yet another police department. There aren’t any riots being stirred up in Tulsa because the leftists know they can’t win Oklahoma – yet – until they fill up the state with Democrats.

She sympathized with the rioters in Charlotte Thursday, the Soros-funded rioters which included groups of Communists and gangs who tried to hurt police, shot a young black man, looted, vandalized, hurt reporters – tried to throw one in a fire.

Lynch is going to send leftists working for the federal government to Charlotte to mediate and she will offer technical assistance. There goes another police department.

She didn’t say much to admonish the criminals, she recognized the justified grief. However, the Democrats have misdirected their justified anger. The poor people living in these hellish situations should be angry with the Democrat leadership who continually lie to them.

Lynch has corrupted the DoJ and our country.

Is this what our chief law enforcement officer is supposed to say during riots?

They were executing their constitutional rights according to Lynch.

“The Department of Justice and FBI are currently monitoring that matter. For the second day in a row, protests in response to Mr. Scott’s death took place in Charlotte last night.”

“For the second day in a row, those protests were marred by violence. This time leaving one person on life support and several others injured. A reminder that violence only begets violence. The details of what happened last night is still under review by local authorities.”

Four leftists are on their way!

“Today the department of justice is sending four members of our community relations service to Charlotte. Our office of community-oriented policing services has also offered technical assistance and support for crowd mediation to local police, and a local FBI office stands ready to assist local law enforcement as well.”

Then she empathized because felons are an important voting bloc and said they were executing their constitutional rights.

“Let me also speak to the people of the state of North Carolina. A beautiful state, a great state and my home state. I know that these are difficult times, and I know that the events of recent days are painfully unclear and they call out for answers. But I also know that the answer will not be found in the violence of recent days. Let us seek a peaceful way forward.

Most of the demonstrators gathered last night were exercising their constitutional and protected right to peaceful protest in order to raise issues and to create change. We need your voice. We need your passion. We need your commitment. But I urge those responsible for bringing violence to these demonstrations to stop. Because you’re drowning out the voices of commitment and change and you’re ushering in more tragedy and grief in our communities.”

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