Loretta Lynch Wants to Force Progressive Morals on the Country via Bathrooms



The destruction of federalism, individual rights, and free speech are the root of the problem with the North Carolina bathroom battle. It’s not about the bathrooms, it’s about the fact that the enormously large government is deciding what our thoughts will be and what our moral values will be. Loretta Lynch claimed, actually, insisted this week that if someone says they’re a certain gender, we all have to go along if the government demands it. She’s rewriting law to do it.

She admitted this week that it’s about so much more than bathrooms. It always has been.

Lynch is silencing dissent and imposing her values on the entire country in the name of inclusivity, equality and justice but gives none to dissenters.

Lynch has proclaimed that to oppose her view is to be nothing better than a segregationist or worse. She compared a tiff over bathrooms and locker rooms to the horrible racist bigotry against Blacks. She’s out of her mind. They are in no way morally equivalent.

Businesses and schools will be punished for what amounts to thought crimes, the government being the thought police, over the bathrooms and locker rooms in public places and in private businesses.

DoJ head Loretta Lynch said today that we can’t tell a man he’s a man or a woman she’s a woman. Why is the Federal government deciding this and why are they allowed to go against the privacy rights of others?

It is clear the Federal government is lying about the law and that they have no right to make this judgment. Leave it to the individual businesses and schools.

“[N]one of us can stand by when a state enters the business of legislating identity and insists that a person pretend to be something or someone that they are not,” Lynch said.

Lynch said the federal civil rights lawsuit “is about a great deal more than bathrooms.” She’s right it’s about government demanding we follow their Progressive moral values and offer no opposition, no debate.

She invoked the nation’s “founding ideals” to support her comments. I don’t know that Tom or John or George or Ben had this in mind. That might have been a stretch. What she is doing here is rewriting our history and our Constitution.

Lynch is a bizarre totalitarian.

The U.S. Department of Education threatened to strip all federal funding from the Palatine Township School District in Illinois recently because the district is not allowing a male student who identifies as a female to have full access to the girl’s locker rooms, CNS News reported.

The district agreed to this finally as a settlement after being bullied and the girls who are uncomfortable will be given different accommodations.

The transgender student lives as a female at school but still has a boy’s body but can now shower and change with the girls in Physical Education classes.

This sets a dangerous precedent and that is the government’s intention.

The Department of Education is wrongly claiming that Title IX allows a student to use the restroom of the opposite sex. It actually says the opposite.

The federal law states that schools can “provide separate toilet, locker room, and shower facilities on the basis of sex.”

Two federal courts (in Pennsylvania and Virginia) affirmed that a school does not violate Title IX by regulating access to restrooms and locker rooms based on students’ biological sex.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 doesn’t deal with gender identity either but Lynch is lying and says it does.