Loser Davis & Fluke Needed Gosnell Ballot Line?


Wendy Davis, pre-makeover, and Sandra Fluke

November 4th was not kind to media-created – “feminist rising stars” – Wendy Davis and Sandra Fluke. They waded into the political waters only to find them, very cold, and way too deep. In Texas Ms. Davis lost in the governor’s race by 20 points. In California Ms. Fluke, in her bid to serve in the State Senate, fell by 22 points.

Both were soundly defeated by men. Wendy was beaten by Republican Gregg Abbott. Sandy got crushed by Democrat Ben Allen. Despite both ladies enjoying the benefits of tremendous free publicity and oodles of money from female activist groups, they still couldn’t break through the glass ceiling….of either party.

It wasn’t long ago both were all over TV, excitedly being hailed as the face of a new, and more powerful feminism.   Who could have thought, with those political tailwinds, and all the propaganda about a GOP War on Women, two gals running as fully certified, Utero-Centric Democrat women would suffer such humiliating losses? How could these female icons have fallen so far so quickly?

The only answer, according to many Davis/Fluke supporters, was the dynamic duo failed to get their message out. Apparently citizens, informed enough to vote in an off year election, completely missed Sandy’s nationally televised appearances supporting everyone else paying for her birth control, and Wendy’s 11 hour filibuster aimed at stopping limits on partial birth abortions.

Perhaps the best answer for these women, who showed considerable personal vanity while putting their best public face forward, would have been a vanity line on which to run. They just needed one with an eye catching, tweet ready, outrageous title.

Davis and Fluke could have easily broken through a clutter of ballot dinosaurs like the Green and Working Families Party. All the girls had to do was gather an excitable, compliant media, and announce they would be circulating petitions, adding the Kermit Gosnell Party to this November’s slate.

Such a decree would have sent an unambiguous message. Wendy Davis and Sandy Fluke are committed to securing free contraception and unlimited abortions for all women! An opportunity to vote on the “Gosnell Line” would have likely driven, previously unmotivated fanatical followers to cast the votes needed to elect their fellow Utero-Centric, radical sisters.

Oh well. Maybe next time.



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