We Lost a Hero in Flynn But We Kept Two Globalist War Hawks


By the time I finished my coffee this morning, Senator John McCain was out on Twitter directing people to his latest statement assailing the administration in the wake of NSA chief Flynn’s resignation. He could pick up the phone and talk with the President but he’d rather try to destroy him.

McCain hyperbolically characterized the Flynn resignation as proof of dysfunction.

In a statement, he wrote that “…General Flynn’s resignation is a troubling indication of the dysfunction of the current national security apparatus.”

Meghan McCain was pushing her father’s agenda on Outnumbered Tuesday, piling on to the administration. Between her and loopy Marie Harf, that show is going downhill.

Meghan McCain should be concerned about the leaks, starting with her father.

Lindsey Graham, ever the drama queen, said he’d fight to the last breath for sanctions on Russia. He added he’d be surprised if Flynn wasn’t acting with the knowledge of the administration. Graham wants to know if Flynn was “directed” to talk about sanctions. Graham has no proof but it was an opportunity to pile on.

He’s calling for an investigation. He’s fishing for some conspiracy that doesn’t exist.

Unfortunately, President Trump felt he had to ask for Flynn’s resignation because he lied and it became a trust issue that had reached “critical mass”, he said. Flynn will always be a hero as a General but perhaps this job wasn’t suited to him.

President Trump knew about the situation with Flynn for two weeks but didn’t believe it at first.

Mr. Spicer said the White House counsel briefed two weeks ago the president on Mr. Flynn’s misleading about the calls with Russian officials but confirmed that no laws were broken.

“When the president heard the information from the White House counsel, he originally thought that Gen. Flynn had done nothing wrong and the White House counsel confirmed that,” Mr. Spicer said. “Plain and simple, it came down to a matter of trust.”

Mr. Spicer also stressed that the president has taken a tough stance against Russia, including opposing its annexation of Crimea and interfering in eastern Ukraine.

It’s unfortunate they fired him because it’s only the beginning. The Alinsky plan by the left is to destroy the cabinet, one by one. Kellyanne Conway is next. her one off-handed comment about buying Ivanka’s clothes is being made into a colossal error. They want an investigation! They’re after Sean Spicer, Dr. Gorka, and many others.

The administration needs to do something about the leaks and they need to fire no one else.

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