Lou Dobbs Destroys the Despicable “Tolerant” Left


file photo of a stern Donald Trump

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” ~ 1984

Left Turns the Truth Upside Down

It’s absolutely despicable that the left is able to turn their ties to Russians into an attack on the real American who won the race. President-elect Donald Trump is the nationalist, the one who is trying to save us from the neo-communism of globalism.

Trump wants to maintain US sovereignty. Currently, we don’t even have borders.

How ironic that our left has been able to smother all the news about Hillary giving away US technology and a US uranium mine to Russia in exchange for donations to The Clinton Foundation. The Podesta ties to the illicit and lucrative deals through the company, jointly owned by John and his brother, are ignored. All of the Clinton scandals are as if they never took place.

The despicable left’s PR is great. Every media outlet serves as a public relations outlet for the left.

The left will now investigate Donald Trump and his team for alleged Russian ties, yet they will not investigate Hillary and Podesta, or George Soros for that matter. They are worse than partisans, they are traitors to this country who are attempting to destroy the man who hopes to maintain our sovereignty, our Bill of Rights, and who does actually want peace.

Lou Dobbs blasts them here:

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