Lou Dobbs Pummels Rep. Scalise for Siding with Dems on Syria


Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs lashed into House Minority Whip Steve Scalise for siding with House Democrats and against President Donald Trump in the resolution to condemn the President for withdrawing U.S. forces from Syria.

The President actually got our small contingent forces out of harm’s way as the Turks moved into Syria. The problem is the Kurds were holding 10,000 ISIS in 20 detention camps and Trump is hoping they keep them there.

It’s likely they will get out and we will have ISIS back. However, how long do we stay in the Middle East? It is not our war.

“Isn’t it time to start following this president?” Dobbs said angrily to the congressman during a discussion with him later that evening. “I mean, I don’t understand it. The Republicans — I would think you guys would say, ‘Nancy Pelosi is for it, I sure as hell better be against it!’”

Rep. Scalise is concerned about ISIS which is the major concern for Republicans. The Middle East survived before us in their fashion and will probably survive again. We’ve tried changing regimes, nation-building, and democratizing the region and it doesn’t work. We have strong allies in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, the UAE, Qatar, despite their many flaws. We’re not alone.

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