Louie Gohmert Will Run for Speaker Against the ‘Dictator’ – Video


Louie Gohmert is the second representative to come out and challenge John Boehner for Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaker Boehner, he said, operates like a dictator. Boehner decides committee members and chairs and has blocked all democratic participation.

Boehner promised to fight Obamacare, amnesty and a host of other illegal moves by Barack Obama but he has not fought at all. In fact, he funded all of it, Gohmert said.

Boehner’s only goal so far seems to be to fight for Keystone XL and fight for some kind of overhaul of immigration law.

Boehner got the Cromnibus bill through by seeking help from the far-left – Barack Obama, Steny Hoyer et al. He even lied to at least one member to get him to change his vote.

Sixty percent of Republican voters want a new Speaker and 25% won’t vote for Republicans in 2016 if Republicans don’t start fighting.


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