Low Energy Jeb Bush Takes Hack Jim Acosta’s Side After Fiery Presser


Former Florida governor and failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush has weighed in on Twitter about the press conference controversy between President Trump and hack Jim Acosta. His comment will remind his fellow Republicans why they didn’t support him as President. He took Acosta’s side.

Bush had 19,000 likes on his Tweet blasting President Trump for reacting to CNN’s hack reporter Jim Acosta.

Jeb tweeted: The media is not the enemy of the people. The freedom of the press is protected by the Constitution. Presidents never enjoy pointed questions from the press, but President Trump should respect their right to ask them and respect Americans enough to answer them.

First of all, Bush repeated that lie about the President calling the media the “enemy of the people”. Then, secondly, he went on to scold the President for not showing reporters and Americans due respect. Freedom of the press doesn’t mean they get to abuse the President and his staff.

Jeb is not representing this fairly. Perhaps he didn’t watch the full clip. It’s also possible he’s so blinded by hate for the President — who dubbed him low energy Jeb — that he can’t think straight.

We should all be very grateful Jeb didn’t win the presidency. He would have let everyone walk all over him and these Democrats and media people are vipers.

Acosta responded on Bush’s thread, “Thank you Mr. Bush.”

Jim Acosta is a bully and very abusive to Sarah Sanders. It’s not right. Trump did nothing wrong in Acosta’s case. There are several other reporters who are asking to be exiled.

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