Lowest unemployment since 1969, Wages up, 263,000 new jobs


The AP News reported that hiring jumped in April as U.S. employers added 263,000 jobs. That is a strong gain and it suggests businesses are not concerned about the economy slowing despite the naysayers.

Economists predicted 181,000 jobs.

The Labor Department says the unemployment rate fell to a new five-decade low, since 1969, of 3.6% from 3.8%. In part, it reflects some Americans giving up looking for work.

Average hourly pay rose 3.2% from the previous year, a healthy gain.

April’s figures show that solid economic growth is still encouraging robust hiring, after an anemic recovery under Barack Obama.

Businesses say they are struggling to find workers, but have taken a range of steps to fill jobs, including training more entry-level workers, loosening educational requirements and raising pay.

The left-wing media wants you to know manufacturing only went up another “measly 4,000” jobs because they want you to find this report depressing. They are also lying, claiming the decrease in unemployment was solely due to people leaving the workforce. That’s not true, it only partly reflected the decrease.

Sleepy Joe Biden is running on restoring the “dignity of work,” and that will be a tough sell given the fact that Donald Trump already did it and his team didn’t for eight years. he wants to “return us to the essence of who we are,” whatever that means.

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