Lt. Col. North – “the consequences of what he’s done is disastrous to us and to Israel”


Lt Col Ollie North

When are Americans going to wake up to the obvious fiction coming out of this administration? Everyone in their right mind knows Iran is planning to build the bomb and develop intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads. Barack Obama knows it because he has a sunset clause on the deal and is allowing them 6,000 centrifuges – more than enough to put nuclear warheads on the intercontinental missiles they’re building. He’s also not dealing with their missile development.

Even the threat assessment report reads like a social worker case study.

Lt. Col. Oliver North said the World Threat Assessment report by Mr. Clapper (“the most political National Intelligence Chief in history”) is a “fairy tale.” This so-called threat assessment report, Lt. Col. North said, is “anything but”.

What we’re looking at, he said, is “can’t we all just get along” claptrap and the “classified version isn’t much better.”

“This [World Threat Assessment report] is anything but a strategy planning document and that’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to help shape, remember this is the Armed Services Committee, it’s supposed to shape how you’re going to build defenses to protect the American people and our interests and the American people.”

North brought up the “wonderful comment about Rouhani” in the report as if he were some kind of decent guy who was just trying to get the Supreme Leader to go along with him.

Since North saw the classified version, I’m not certain which comment he was referring to but it could have been this one:

President Ruhani—a longstanding member of the regime establishment—will not depart from Iran’s national security objectives of protecting the regime and enhancing Iranian influence abroad, even while attempting different approaches to achieve these goals. He requires Supreme Leader Khamenei’s support to continue engagement with the West, moderate foreign policy, and ease social restrictions within Iran.

Rouhani does not rely on Khamenei’s support while he looks to “moderate” anything. His goals are the same as Khameinei’s. Rouhani is every bit as extreme as Khamenei.

The administration has been trying to sell the American public this lie about Rouhani being a “moderate.” Rouhani is the killer who oversaw the truck bombing of the U.S. Marine Lebanon barracks in 1983, killing 299 young U.S. and French peacekeeping troops. He has a history of lying to the U.S. and allies in past agreements.

“Iran consistently violates every agreement they’ve ever made, are still the worldwide sponsor of terrorism, they’re still the number one threat of terrorism in the world, and yet this [assessment] doesn’t even mention it,” North said. The report gives exclusive attention to ISIS. Iran and Hizbollah weren’t even covered.

People should be very concerned about the ridiculous lie coming out of the Office of National Intelligence in which they claimed leaving Iran and Hizbollah out of the terrorism section was a printing error. A printing error that followed the exact format of the previous year, but unlike last year, just so happened to erase Iran and Hizbollah as terror threats? Doesn’t anyone proof these things or are they so worthless, no one bothers?

ISIS is a JV compared to Iran.

Iran wants us dead and they have far more of an ability to destroy us. Before he left office, Ahmadinejad said, “God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and the Zionism.”

North believes Clapper just writes what Obama wants to hear and he’s seriously damaged the morale of our servicemen. The Intelligence agency is not supposed to be politicized. Third World leaders do that.

North warned that, “Unless we start developing human intelligence capabilities and covert operations capabilities, Americans are going to continue to have their throats cut by ISIS, Israel is going to be threatened by Hizbollah and Hamas, and this whole idea that Benjamin Netanyahu’s got to somehow change his temperature about a two-state solution all coming from this White House and in fact, by this document, ignores the reality of what’s on the ground… the consequences of what he’s done is disastrous to us and to Israel”

We’re not going to adequately prepare.

This is tragically serious. We have a president who won’t even acknowledge the threat and he won’t do anything about it because the problem doesn’t exist. His foreign policy goes far beyond just refusing to call it radical Islam.

Obama has informed Netanyahu that he is reassessing his Mideast Peace policy in a late development

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