Lt Col Peters-Admin’s Handling of Radical Islam is “Kindergarten Marxism…It’s Pathological”


Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, in an appearance on The Hannity Show, came up with some priceless – and not inaccurate – soundbites.

“Marie Harf is exhibit A for the comprehensive failure of the US educational system…moms and dads, save your money.”

Terrorists just need jobs? “Osama bin Laden was wealthy…Major Hussein had a job. Do you think the guy in Copenhagen, when he pulled the trigger, trying to kill a cartoonist and as many other Danes as he could, was he screaming ‘jobs’, ‘jobs’, ‘jobs’? No, he was screaming, ‘Allahu Akbar’.”

“This is sheer idiocy.”

“Hey, Marie, war is about killing.”

Peters talked about Holder, the fact that both Obama and Putin hate the free media, and he made the point that if Holder is right and terminology doesn’t matter then why not just call them Islamic terrorists?

“This”, Peters said, “is kindergarten Marxism.”

Peters explained that the president is a supporter of The Muslim Brotherhood. It’s pathological.


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