Lt. Col. Peters: Confederate Flag Controversy “Isn’t Martin Luther King, It’s Joseph Stalin”



Lt. Col. Peters addressed the “fake” Confederate flag controversy. This has gone far beyond the flag, he said. They now want to erase all Confederate history.

First it was to take the flag off the grounds but now they’re banning all sales of some Confederate items from national park grounds. This is a rewriting of history by the leftists.

The Confederate infantry men didn’t have slaves and they fought for many reasons, not just slavery. That Confederate flag for most people stands for the courage of their ancestors. Lt.Col. Peters said, “… and it was one hell of a fight.” They are proud of their ancestors. The South suffered far worse than the Union and it is not an emblem of slavery. It is an emblem of the “valor of my fellow countrymen”. They were “very brave men”.

Lincoln said not to “humiliate them”. For the leftists, it’s about humiliating them and dividing people more.

The flag might be hurtful for some but “it’s also hurtful to tell people all their ancestors are all criminals”, Peters said.

“This isn’t Martin Luther King, this is Joseph Stalin,” Peters said.


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