Lt. Col. Peters: “Like a Good Little Leftist, He Never Studied History” and We Have “the World Obama Has Created”


Lt Col Peters responds on Cheney

Lt. Col. Peters commented on Dick Cheney’s interview with Playboy Wednesday by describing why Mr. Obama is a failure. For one thing, “like a good little leftist, he’s never studied history” and he thinks “America is bad”.

Cheney said during his recent interview that it’s going to take a lot to undo the damage this president has done, partly because people no longer believe that U.S. leadership in the world “produces a far less hostile world and greater prosperity.”

Peters was asked to comment about the Cheney interview on Fox News Wednesday morning and said that is “essentially right.” He believes the next right president “could make a marvelous difference” but “in the meantime there is no question President Obama has done tremendous damage.”

He’s done it for a “variety of reasons”, Peters said. For one thing he’s been in these “leftwing milieus all of his life”, his left-wing worldview is “even farther to the left than President Obama himself consciously realizes.”

“Secondly, like a good little leftist, he never studied history, he never had an interest in it, he doesn’t know it, so you see him making all these gaffes about the crusades and all that nonsense. But if you do not know history, you are prey to the leftwing dogma that America is bad,” Peters said, “and all you hear is eww slavery, eww we dropped Atom bombs, eww Vietnam, eww we supported those Israeli imperialists.”

As president, his greatest failing is his inability to learn anything in six years. He just sticks with his original platform on “closing GITMO, rapprochement with Iran”. “Jimmy Carter grew in office and this president hasn’t,” Peters said in dismay.

Karl Rove told Fox News Wednesday that foreign leaders he has spoken with want to know where U.S. leadership is. They’re worried about reliability. One key leader said he doesn’t know if he can trust Obama’s word.

Obama went for a year and more than a year before he spoke with the leaders of Iraq and Afghanistan.


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