Lt Col Peters: Obama Is A Coward Who Won’t Make Tough Decisions to Defend America



Barack Obama, The Reluctant Commander-in-Chief

Lt. Col. Peters appearing on The Kelly File last night summarized Mr. Obama’s policy of inaction and retreat as that of a coward who refuses to make the tough decisions necessary to protect America. Obama said as recently as January that ISIS is the JV team and Al Qaeda is on the run. He is tone deaf.

There is no question Obama’s policies are do-nothing policies and his inaction is allowing the Middle East to collapse into a terror state, putting our allies in the region in great danger.

ISIS/ISIL is an Al Qaeda army that has been banished from the ranks of Al Qaeda for being too violent. They are well-organized, powerful and well-armed.

President Obama had an opportunity a month ago to bomb ISIS/ISIL while they were on the Syrian border, away from towns and civilians, but he failed to act.

If he is consistent about anything, it’s about his failure to act unless it’s to push a socialist domestic agenda.

He watched ISIS gain in power and did nothing. ISIS intends to one day attack us, on that they have been clear.

ISIS is moving rapidly towards Baghdad and, along the way, they have been erasing borders that have existed in the heart of the Middle East since the 20th century. They intend to eventually go into Jordan and Lebanon. The Iraq-Jordan border is already evaporated in some places.

Catherine Herridege explains:

If we had a status of forces agreement, we could have helped keep Maliki restrained. President Obama never wanted a status of forces agreement though he is now trying to claim that he did want one and it was Iraq that refused. Megyn Kelly reminded us of this comment during the third presidential debate with Mitt Romney:

Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry told the Iraqis to guard their borders. He said that as we are being invaded on our southern border.

Kerry told Maliki in a meeting with Iraq and Kurdish leaders that they must all come together to meet the threat of ISIS – as if the time for diplomacy hasn’t long passed.

ISIS/ISIL has vowed to come to the U.S. Currently there are 3,000 out of 10,000 fighters who hold U.S. and EU passports. They can come back and commit terror acts on US soil and they plan to do exactly that.

Mr. Obama likes to say that this attack by ISIS came as a surprise but he’s known for almost a year as our intelligence community watched it unfold.

Last August, the Sentinel reported that the U.S. retreat from Iraq led to a resurgence of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda was conducting 40 mass-casualty attacks per month, up from 10 per month. President Obama needed to strengthen our Special Forces Operations in Iraq to help them restore the counter-insurgency movement.

In January of this year, Obama, ignoring the takeover of Fallujeh by Al Qaeda, now ISIS, said that they were merely the JV team and that Al Qaeda is on the run.

Mr. Obama gave an interview to the New Yorker at the time and said this:

“The analogy we used around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a jayvee [J.V.] team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant. I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland versus jihadists who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.”

He thought the Fallujah takeover was just sectarian violence!!!

Fallujah in fact has a route that goes to the borders of Iran and Syria. The Iranian Ayatollahs ordered Maliki to open the route to supply the IOGC and Hezbollah. This is the Iran that Obama was considering working with to defeat ISIS.

ISIS has every intention of forming a universal Caliphate and they need to be stopped. They will form a terrorist state the likes of which we have never seen throughout the Middle East. We have a president who is doing nothing though he did send 300 of our finest into Iraq. He is setting these people up to be tortured and killed.  That number – 300 – is a political statement. It’s a suicide mission though I have faith in their ability to keep safe despite the president putting them in harm’s way.

Lt. Col. Peters said “Obama is a coward” and “won’t make tough decisions for America”. Listen to Lt. Col. Peters:

Life under ISIS is evil incarnate. Here they are bribing hungry children to murder for Islam:

Bare Naked Islam has some detailed reports on what is going on in Iraq if you can stand to read about it.

Christians who don’t or can’t pay a new tax leveled on them are raped, tortured and murdered. One mother and daughter were raped by ISIS men in front of the father who killed himself afterwards. ISIS is kidnapping women to serve as wives to ISIS terrorists.

In another act of complete naiveté, Obama and the Democrats have arranged for thousands of Syrian Islamists to come to the United States as refugees.

Obama has done nothing of value and will continue to do nothing of value. His incompetence is without equal.

He needs to bomb the hell out of ISIS but it’s unlikely he will. Apathetic Americans will one day wake up and see what their apathy has wrought.



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