Lt. Col. Peters on Tunisian Terror Attack That Left 41 Dead or Injured



Update: 03/19/15: ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. They want to destroy the current democratic government.

Reuters reported Wednesday that the terror attack in a Tunisian museum has left 41 dead or injured including 17 foreign tourists. Nineteen are reported dead[update: 22 are dead] and twenty-two are hurt. Two gunmen are dead and three are on the run. These are the barbarians to whom Marie Harf wants to give jobs, Lt. Col. Peters said on Fox News Wednesday.

Tourists from Italy, Germany, Poland and Spain were among the dead in the assault that took place at noon. Security stormed the former palace within two hours of the attack, freeing the remaining hostages. One police officer was killed.

The museum has a prized collection of ancient Tunisian artifacts and mosaics and other treasures from classical Rome and Greece.

“All Tunisians should be united after this attack which was aimed at destroying the Tunisian economy,” the Prime Minister said.

There are several terrorist groups operating in the country but no one has taken credit yet. ISIS is active in neighboring Libya and has threatened Tunisia since an ISIS commander was killed last week.

Tunisia has a constitution and is a country that actually benefitted from the Arab spring, Lt. Col. Peters said.

Lt. Col. Peters addressed the attack this morning, describing the Tunisian museum as a perfect target. Tunisia is a country with a quasi-democracy that kind of works. Islamic radicals can’t tolerate “any sort of pluralistic government,” he said. The terrorists, whether they be ISIS or some other group, got a three for. They were able to hit tourism – something Tunisia relies on – they got to destroy art works, and they hit Tunisian democracy, he added.


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