Lt. Gen. McInerney: The Brotherhood Is Inside the White House


McInerneyLt. Gen. Tom McInerney

Lt. Gen. McInerney, addressing Bob Gates’ book, said “There are Muslim Brotherhood in the White House”, which is common knowledge, but it’s good to hear it from a general.

One has to wonder where our military heroes are. They’ve remained silent as Obama guts the military. Mc Inerney said the Middle East is coming apart with this administration. We know that too. It’s hard to miss.

Listen to this clip with Lt. Gen. McInerney:

General: Muslim Brotherhood inside Obama administration and Noisy Room

Here is a brief rundown on two of the Brotherhood-connected people in the White House mentioned by the Lt. Gen.

Mohamed Elibiary, is one of the Brotherhood inside the Executive Branch. He tweeted in November of last year that America is a Muslim country. He wanted to point out with his tweet that we are an example of a Muslim country that is able to advance freedom.

Listen to this video of Louis Gohmert questioning Janet Naplitano, you won’t believe it:

Click here if you want to read about the creepy connections between the DHS and The Muslim Brotherhood.

Read about Huma Abedin‘s many questionable connections to The Muslim Brotherhood on this link.


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