Luis Gutierrez Wants to Get Arrested, Run for President, Ruin the USA


All in one week, hard-left congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois got himself arrested, announced he’d run for president and endorsed Marxist Chuy Garcia for the seat he is vacating. Thinking he can become president is more proof he is out of his mind though a President Gutierrez is where the country is headed.

Maybe he can bring the practice of getting arrested to the White House.

One popular Alinsky tactic is to pretend you are so bravely standing up for what you believe, you get yourself arrested [knowing nothing will happen to you beyond that]. It shows you are bucking the oppressors. That is what Luis Gutierrez did Wednesday with members of the Service Employee’s International Union (SEIU) as they stormed the steps of Congress to demand action on DACA.

Their goal is to make DACA the overriding issue of all the issues before us in the country. There are 1.9 million DACA and if given amnesty, they will bring in an average of 7 more foreigners per person.

The ‘civil disobedience action’ was intended to get 200 arrested by their own words. Gutierrez, a sitting member of Congress, was one of them and it’s the second time he has done it.

As if he isn’t crazy enough as an open borders congressman, he would like to bring that insanity to the Oval Office.

The constantly angry rabble-rouser is planning to run for President in 2020. He announced Tuesday he will not seek reelection to Congress, is instead pursuing another move: testing the presidential waters.

Gutierrez originally said upon announcing his retirement after 24 years in congress that he was going to rebuild Puerto Rico, undoubtedly to make it into a little Cuba, but apparently he prefers tearing down the entire country.

Gutierrez said at first, “I cannot be here in the 4th congressional district and be rebuilding the home of my mom and my dad, the place that I love so much — and I’m gonna work really hard until she’s completely built to 21st century standards, but I can’t do them both.”

He’s a little premature on the presidential run. The country isn’t there yet. We need several more years of open borders and amnesty.

“I will be reaching out to people across the country. I am going to take the steps to guarantee [Federal Election Commission] regulations and rules about campaign financing, first and foremost, make sure I’m following the law, ” Gutiérrez told POLITICO on Wednesday when asked whether he is entertaining a presidential bid.

“This is what I can tell you — anybody really wanted to listen to me — look, I’m not retiring, I’m not retiring. I’m going to sit down with Soraida [Gutiérrez’s wife], and we’re going to figure it out. I want to build something, I want to build something national.”

His efforts, he said, are in the earliest stages: “I haven’t even talked to somebody about how you do this. I don’t even have a lawyer.”

Gutierrez could then hire his whole clan.

Currently, he’s using the campaign fund system to pay his wife and daughters hundreds of thousands of dollars – that was revealed by the 2010 campaign finance data.

It’s legal. The wife is his office manager, treasurer and fundraiser and has a history as a lobbyist.

Where it gets sketchy is where she gets much of his campaign cash – $300,000 in three cycles at one point. He’s paid her at least $450,000 in the last seven years.

Her expenses equal about 50% of his current campaign expenditures.

Then there are the two daughters. They do bookkeeping and fundraising for thousands of dollars.

This practice of allowing members of Congress to engage in blatant nepotism began in 2001 when the FEC issued an opinion at the behest of former Rep. and jailbird Jesse Jackson Jr. Jesse paid his wife’s firm hundreds of thousands but it was for personal use and they both had to serve jail terms though his was for trying to buy a congressional seat.


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