Lunatic Americans Come Out to Shop on Black Friday


People are being tortured and enslaved throughout the world, but Americans find the need to act heinously over Black Friday sale items.

The most uninhibited of Americans come out for “sales” on Black Friday, sales they could probably get at other times. It has become dangerous to shop.

In a video uploaded Thanksgiving evening of a K-Mart fight, a man in a hat threw a man into shelves. The thrown man then hit the floor and began rolling around holding his hip.

A woman, who appeared to be shopping with the man in the hat, yelled, “he touched him first!”

“He brung [‘brought’] this cart in himself and rolled it there. He took it,” the woman says to the camera, trying to explain the situation. “He took it.”

The man on the floor was left in place, in seeming pain, mostly ignored, except for some gaping passersby, for as long as the video lasted. The man who tossed him left ASAP.

The next one shows fights breaking out among cashiers and buyers.

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