Lunatic Democrat Offers a Bizarre Plan to Stop SCOTUS Appointment


There is a new bizarre plan to stop the President from appointing a Supreme Court nominee by questioning the “circumstances surrounding Justice Kennedy’s retirement.” A Minnesota Senate candidate and one-time fake Republican suggested Justice Anthony Kennedy was forced to retire.

The lunatic tweeted the accusation.

“The circumstances of Justice Kennedy’s resignation must be investigated by the Senate Judiciary Committee before any replacement is considered. The Constitution does not give Trump the power to use underhanded means to induce Supreme Court resignations,” Painter tweeted Saturday.

Painter linked to the far-left New Republic article titled, Trump’s relationship with Justice Kennedy sounds shady in this new report. It’s a bizarre story of a remote tie the two men have with the Deustche Bank.

He invented the plot out of whole cloth.

Richard Painter’s devious plot would make Saul Alinsky blush.

The MSNBC guest Richard W. Painter, a former Bush administration official, claims it must be investigated and it must happen before a replacement is selected.

The New York Times, however, concluded in a recent article that there was no pressure and nothing ontoward in the retirement. Painter needs to read the article in the Times.

Justice Kennedy thought about retiring for the past two years. He is 81 years of age come July, when he retires. It’s time.

Many criticized Painter but many believe the nonsense. One wrote in caps: All about stacking the deck for authoritarian Kremlin backed rule.

The left has become deranged.

It’s as if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton didn’t allow the sale of our uranium mine and didn’t give away military secrets to the Russians.


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