Lying CNN Concocts an Entire Trump Feeding Fish Scandal


Fishgate! MSM is whipping up hysteria over Trump feeding fish in a Koi pond. It has to be the most pathetic thing they’ve done since the Trump eats double scoops of ice cream scandal. They’ve completely lost their minds.

CNN actually made up a story about how Trump fed fish in a Koi pond.

The Democrats in social media found their best argument for impeachment. President Trump – who they call Drumpf – fed the fish in a disgraceful manner. However, the truth is he fed them at the same rate as Abe.

A lying CNN reporter posted a video zooming in on Trump to hide from view Shinzo Abe pouring out his box first.

This is what actually happened.

If they will lie about how the President feeds fish, they will lie about anything.

This is what actually happened.

This is similar to ice cream gate.

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