Lying Liars of the FBI Continue Lying About Hillary’s Emails


An FBI spokesperson said they have no information that China received all of Hillary Clinton’s emails in real time.  “The FBI has not found any evidence the servers were compromised,” the FBI stated. It seemed like a categorical denial.

The only problem is the Intelligence Community Inspector General [ICIG] says otherwise and the FBI is refusing to confirm if they did or didn’t meet with the staff of the ICIG.

If they didn’t, why not just say so?

The Daily Caller has come back at these liars.


The Chinese likely have all of Hillary Clinton’s emails according to a report this week at The Daily Caller. A Chinese company in Virginia received in real time all emails received by and sent to Hillary while she was secretary of state.

A similar report was presented by Rep. Gohmert in July when he interviewed disgraced agent Peter Strzok, but he didn’t mention which foreign entity was involved.

The anomaly

The Daily Caller News Foundation had confirmed that the Intelligence Community Inspector General [ICIG] briefed top bureau officials on three separate occasions to warn the FBI of an “anomaly” they found in 30,000 inbound and outgoing emails.

The anomaly showed a code embedded in Clinton’s server was producing in real time a “courtesy copy” to a third party.

The FBI won’t say

The Daily Caller News Foundation contacted the FBI and asked if they had met with the ICIG since they say they have no evidence her servers were hacked. The FBI refused to answer the question.

An FBI spokeswoman refused to confirm if Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) officials — including Frank Rucker, its chief investigator — briefed top bureau officials about evidence of penetration of Clinton’s private server by a Chinese government intelligence operation. “We have no comment,” she told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The former ICIG claims he sent top agent Frank Rucker to discuss the anomaly with Peter Strzok and others. Strzok said he remembered a meeting with Rucker when grilled by Rep. Gohmert but didn’t remember anything untoward.

People might have died if true

Fox News reported that the Clinton emails contained “operational intelligence,” which is information about covert operations to gather intelligence as well as details about the assets and informants working with the U.S. government.

John Schindler confirmed the Fox News report. He wrote at The Observer: Discussions with Intelligence Community officials have revealed that Ms. Clinton’s “unclassified” emails included Holy Grail items of American espionage. This included the true names of Central Intelligence Agency intelligence officers serving overseas under cover. Worse, some of those exposed are serving under non-official cover.

If true, Hillary probably cost lives

In 2010, after the emails allegedly began transmitting to the Chinese company, China purged at least a dozen spies working for the U.S. They received intel revealing the identities of the spies.

The New York Times cited 10 current and former US officials, who described the intelligence breach as one of the worst in decades.

To this day, it has not been solved, but the FBI is reasonably certain it ended in 2013. Coincidentally, it’s the same year Hillary left the State Department.

Even if it isn’t true, Hillary compromised national security to such a degree that it could easily be true.


Why would anyone believe the FBI administration?

There was a story at MSN today that Bruce Ohr said a British spy told him Russians had Trump “over a barrel”. It was meant to send out a sound bite. Laughably, the spy was the disgraced Christopher Steele but most Americans don’t know that. All they hear is ‘Russians have Trump over a barrel.’

Then there is the way they got the warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.

Judicial Watch (JW) had a story today. There were no hearings for the FISA warrant used to spy on Carter Page or for the additional three extensions of the warrant. The spy warrant on Carter Page allowed the FBI/DOJ to spy on anyone he was in contact with “incidentally”. It is important to remember that Page was not with the campaign at the time.

JW sued the DOJ for the transcripts of the hearings on the FISA spy applications and the DOJ admitted there were none.

That is very troubling. There are no checks and balances, no records. The FISA court [FISC] needs to be abolished. It’s unconstitutional.

Next up is an update Sunday evening. Former US attorney Andy McCarthy said no hearing is required because the reasons are listed on the application.

However, Byron York had his say.

JW ia concerned there were no hearings.

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