Lying Schumer, Dems Hold #SaveMedicaid Event While Funding’s Increasing


No, Republicans are not cutting Medicaid, they are reducing the rate of growth. There are no cuts, period. Democrats are lying. In addition to claiming there are cuts, they say Republicans will destroy Medicaid.

The low-intellect Patricia Murphy said this week that, “Senator Mcconnell won’t give up. He wants to get to yes and so does President Trump even though their bill will mean families’ healthcare costs will go up, it will gut Medicaid and undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions and throw tens of millions of people off coverage.”

Known liar Chuck Schumer and Democrats are holding a #SaveMedicaid event to frighten the low-information voters. Schumer is pretending it’s being cut in order to eradicate it.

No one will be thrown off, they will only choose to not buy insurance. It keeps pre-existing conditions, and it does NOT cut Medicaid.

According to the latest ‘score’ from the Congressional Budget Office, Medicaid spending would rise from $393 billion in 2017 to $464 billion in 2026—that’s a $71 billion, or 18 percent, increase.

Because the $71 billion increase is slightly lower than it would have been, Democrats and liberal Republicans like Susan Collins say it’s too much of a cut. Democrats go further and say it guts it.

What Republicans are doing is, over the course of years, turning it over to the states and reducing it to the already unsustainable pre-Obama levels.

Medicaid is not Obamacare. The Democrats conflate the two as Obama did. That too is deceitful.

The entire Deep State CBO score is based on the faulty premise that health insurance kills or doesn’t kill people. The Medicaid lie is tying it to Obamacare. It’s a separate entity.

Sen. Barrasso sees Medicaid working better under more local and state control than federal

“With regard to Medicaid, I’m a doctor who took care of every Medicaid patient that there was a came to me in Casper, Wyoming. As a state legislator, I always believed we could do a much better job if we could just have control of that money and actually help more people with the same amount of money without all the Washington.”

Medicaid under Obamacare became a “dumping ground for the able-bodied,” he said.

“Well, Medicaid was set up for poor women, for children and for people with disability. ObamaCare used Medicaid as a dumping ground for able-bodied, working aged individuals. There are ways to modify Medicaid. Mike Pence, vice president, when he was governor of Indiana, did a wonderful job of that with the local control that we are asking for all across the country.”

Medicaid will continue to grow, just not for those who don’t need it.

“The growth will continue for Medicaid. We need to do it in a responsible way. But to just talk about these things as being cuts, it’s just not the case. And when they put — dump all of these additional people onto Medicaid, it made it that much harder for the poor women, children, and people with disabilities to get the treatment they need because now, more and more doctors are saying, actually a third of doctors, saying, I just can’t see any new Medicaid patients. So, ObamaCare actually made it worse for patients who were originally designed to be helped by Medicaid.”

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