Machine Guns Were Not Aesthetic Enough for Benghazi Consulate


When terrorists moved in next door to the Benghazi compound, Hillary Clinton’s State Department denied their requests for a machine gun and sand bags because they were not aesthetic.

Multiple sources on the ground told Fox News’ Adam Housley that less than a year before the Benghazi attack of 9/11/2012, the consulate warned the State Department under Hillary Clinton that an Ansaria al-Sharia group moved in right next door to the mission.

Ansaria al-Sharia is an al Qaeda affiliate.

The map below shows the consulate and a red line on the bottom right points to the Ansaria al-Sharia building.

Ansaria al-Sharia moved next door to Benghazi consulate

The terrorist group moved in within three weeks of the United States moving into the unprotected compound.

The officials at the U.S. compound asked for a belt-driven machine gun and sand bags, but their request was denied because it wouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama like to put forth a pleasing face even when everything is obviously not going well. They live in a fantasy world.

When asked about it yesterday, the State Department said that the question was dubious whatever that means. Today they said they did receive the request for the machine gun but they hadn’t acted yet.

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