Macron Invites Iranian Mastermind of Terrorism in the Mid-East to G7


French President Emmanuel Macron had to absorb some heavy criticisms at the G7 Summit in France over the weekend after he invited Iran’s foreign minister, a sponsor of terror, to join the world leaders. He invited Javad Zarif and his team. Zarif is the creator of the nuke deal and a mastermind of terrorism. On the day Macron invited him Iranian-backed terrorists bombed Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Macron is a buffoon and doesn’t even seem to know who the real enemies are. He’ll do anything for a deal.

Critics called out Macron’s surprise invitation as “manipulative” and “disrespectful” to President Donald Trump and everyone attending the Group of Seven forum in the seaside town of Biarritz.

Why does anyone care about Macron? His approval rating in his own country is 27%.

The responses weren’t good.

Former U.S. ambassador Nikki Haley tweeted: This is completely disrespectful to @realDonaldTrump and the other leaders at the G7. Iran supports terrorism at every turn and continues to pursue “Death to America”. Manipulative of Macron to do this and very insincere. 

Lindsey Graham also tweeted: If the French did in fact invite Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif to the G7 without consulting the US, it would be a signal of great weakness to Iran and terribly disrespectful to President Trump.

Hope President Trump maintains steady resolve against Iranian aggression.

Macron is trying to resurrect the horrendous nuke deal and if he thinks that was a way to do it, he is dumber than we thought. He couldn’t achieve anything with that move other than embarrass the U.S. President and give fodder to the U.S. hatemongering press.

Maybe he was just trying to get the two parties together. The President tweeted in early August: ….I know Emmanuel means well, as do all others, but nobody speaks for the United States but the United States itself. No one is authorized in any way, shape, or form, to represent us!

They were all kissing at the end, except for the Iranians.


The reps in the UK, Germany, and France met with Javad Zarif who is the Iranian foreign minister responsible for most of the terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere. If anyone should be embarrassed, it’s the Europeans who met with him.

In the end, it was a PR stunt and a photo-op. Crazy leftists. Shamefully, they gave a platform and a mic to a terrorist.


On the same day, Macron invited terrorist Zarif to talks on the G7 Summit sideline, their Hamas proxies launched rockets into Israel and Houthi proxies launched ballistic missiles into Saudi Arabia, Forbes-Hill writer, Heshmat Alavi noted.

He sees Macron’s outrageous move as an effort to foster future economic deals. If true, and it probably is, he’s despicable. Inviting Zarif says more about him than it says about the U.S. President.

Look at how Zarif responds to a Kurdish journalist who has suffered under Iranian abuse. The journalist, Hananya Naftali tweeted, Iranian FM Zarif is laughing at the face of an Iranian Kurdish journalist who asks a legitimate question about Human Rights in Iran. A person who suffered under the Islamic regime.

We hope the journalist is not returning to Iran. They will kill him. In the end, Naftali asked, “how do you protect your people when you’re shooting them?” Good point!

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